These are the Most Expensive Electric Scooters of 2023

Most Expensive Electric Scooters

Most people would describe electric scooters above $1000 as a luxury transportation option, but believe it or not: it is comparatively cheap. Switching to electric scooters permanently and using them as your sole mode of transport has a long list of benefits.

Electric scooters cost a fraction of motorcycles and are virtually free once you’ve bought them since you never have to pay for gas again. They can even be more economical than public transport, in the long run, seeing as you don’t ever have to spend on bus or metro tickets or (god forbid) taxis.

While testing out the premium electric scooters on this list, I only picked the scooters that performed well in every category: speed, range, motor power, and weight capacity. That’s because there’s no reason why you should compromise on any feature when you’re investing in a high-end scooter.

That said: there’s an electric scooter for every kind of rider on this list, depending on your lifestyle.
Most of the high-end electric scooters on this list are both super powerful and fast and require some skill to ride. If you’re a complete beginner to electric scooters, I’d recommend looking at our comprehensive guide on how to ride an electric scooter.

If you’re short on time, I’d recommend going ahead with the NAMI BURN E MAX 2. I’m not the only one who thinks this is the best scooter in the world, and this insanely popular e scooter has taken the scooter world by storm.

The Top 6 Most Expensive Electric Scooters


Our Top Pick

Top speed: 60 mph

Motor: 8400W

Weight: 103 pounds

Range: 90 miles

Wheel Size: 11 Inches

Weight Support: 330 lbs


The NAMI BURN E MAX 2 was introduced just a few years ago, but it has already taken the electric scooter world by storm. Dualtron has had the monopoly over the most premium electric scooters for the past decade, and then comes the NAMI BURN E MAX 2, knocking specs off the charts.

This electric scooter is widely considered the best electric scooter in the world, often called the ‘Corvette of scooters’. With two 1500 watt motors and a max output motor power of 8400 watts, this is a high-performance electric scooter if there ever was one. This NAMI model can achieve maximum speeds of 60 mph and a whopping mileage of 90 miles. That’s about as powerful as it gets, and the overall riding on this electric scooter feels premium.

The NAMI Burn E Max 2 would be a great commuter scooter, though you’d likely not be able to test the maximum speed inside a city. It can also handle a fair bit of off-roading, making this a versatile choice for riders up for a little adventure.

When it comes to the price point, the NAMI Max 2 is safely in the high-end category. But instead of paying for a brand name, you’re paying for incredibly high-performance and cutting-edge engineering. This is an unprecedented electric scooter, and many riders opt for it when they don’t want to settle for anything less. You’ve got incredibly high speeds, ridiculously long-range, and 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions. Needless to say: the ride on this bad boy is downright buttery smooth.

As far as design goes, the NAMI is pretty solid. With an all-black Aviation grade carbon fiber frame, the NAMI is more rugged than sleek. I love that it has a wide deck for extra stability and comfort (you don’t want one-foot half-balanced when you’re going 60mph). One of the first things you notice when riding the NAMI is that the ground clearance is much higher than most electric scooters, and this really helps with cushioning any uneven terrain.

But even after delivering hair-raising performance stats, the NAMI Max 2 isn’t a racing scooter. It’s still practical and shines through even when you’re on a grocery run for OJ. Ultimately, I chose this electric scooter because it comes down to the superior riding experience you get with this scooter.

Warranty: 12 Month Warranty + Lifetime Service

Wheel Size: 1-inch tubeless 90/65-6.5 tires


  • High maximum speed of 60mph
  • High mileage of 90 miles on a full battery charge
  • Tubeless tires
  • Aviation grade carbon fiber frame
  • Dual suspension for a buttery smooth ride
  • Maximum load capacity of 300 lbs
  • Easy thumb throttle
  • 5 riding modes
  • IP55 Water resistance
  • Folding mechanism


  • Not very portable

Suitable for

If you’re looking for the best, the NAMI BURN E MAX 2 certainly is. This is the perfect electric scooter for anyone who wants one of the best reliable and high-performing scooters.

2. Dualtron Thunder

Best High-end Electric Scooter

Dualtron Thunder

Top speed: 50 mph

Motor: 5400W

Weight: 95 pounds

Range: 50 miles

Wheel Size: 11″ x 3.5”

Weight Support: 330 lbs


Speak about a high-end electric scooter, about most people immediately think of the Dualtron Thunder. This electric scooter is in the hall of fame of e-scooters and is one of Dualtron’s earliest flagship scooter models. And while the brand has since developed many iterations, the Dualtron Thunder holds its own in the face of more expensive electric scooters out there.

With a max output of 5400 watts, this powerful motor is high torque and brushless. Not only is the motor powerful enough to go at above-average speeds for extended periods of time, but it’s also known for being a beast on slopes and inclines. The Dualtron Thunder can easily handle a slope of 30° with a rider under the weight limit of 330lbs.

At a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour, the Dualtron Thunder is not the fastest electric scooter on our list but might have the most impressive acceleration. You can go from 0 to 20mph in 2.8 seconds, but it doesn’t feel as if you’re being lurched forward. That’s the mark of a premium accelerator, and everything about the Dualtron Thunder is smooth.

You’re also getting pretty decent mileage on the Thunder. On a single battery charge, you can go 50 miles. Sure, the NAMI MAX 2 offers 90 miles, but the Dualtron Thunder doesn’t budge on the mileage, no matter how fast you ride. You can feasibly ride close to the top speed of 50mph without draining out all the battery life from the scooter.

The Dualtron Thunder also has a really wide deck, ergonomic handles, and an overall premium and comfortable feel while riding. The braking system is every bit as impressive as the acceleration, quick but without any jerks. The LED Display and bright lights only add to the sturdy and modern look.

Warranty: 2 years warranty

Tires: 11″ x 3.5” tubeless tires


  • Dual brushless dc motor
  • One of the best premium scooters
  • High top speed
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Intuitive cruise control
  • Superfast acceleration
  • Great mileage and battery life
  • Dual suspension for cushioned and smooth ride
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Samsung SDI battery


  • Heavy-duty scooter, tough to carry around

Suitable for

If you’re going classic: the Dualtron Thunder is the Harley of electric scooters. This heavy-duty cruiser-style high-end electric scooter is big on power, and lower on portability. It’s perfect for a rider who needs an electric scooter that can handle slopes and bumpy roads, and even heavier weight loads.

3. Dualtron X2

Most Expensive Electric Scooter

Dualtron X2

Top speed: 69 mph

Motor: 8300W

Weight: 145.5 pounds

Range: 91 miles

Wheel Size: 11″ x 3.5”

Weight Support: 330 lbs


The Dualtron X2 is possibly the most expensive electric scooter in the world, but it wouldn’t be on our list if the price point was the only thing high-end about it. While the Dualtron Thunder has a place in the hall of fame, the Dualtron X2 is a newer, better, and more powerful model.

The Dualtron X2 has dual 4150 W motors and a maximum power output of 8300 watts. Looking at the powerful motor, you’d probably assume the Dualtron X2 is one of the best off-road scooters in the world. And while it certainly has the power to handle off-roading, the Dualtron X2 is actually built to be a beast at street racing.

This electric scooter is built to be the ultimate electric vehicle on asphalt. It has these huge and ultra-wide tubeless tires that grip the road and a full-fledged hydraulic suspension. It’s no surprise that the Dualtron X2 was the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced. Hydraulic braking does its part to ensure your stopping is as smooth as your riding.

You can actually go at a top speed of 69 mph, which is insanely fast for an electric scooter. However, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to ride at this fast speed, particularly if you’re a heavier rider or trying to conserve battery. A more reasonable real-time top speed for the Dualtron X2 would be around 50 mph, which is still a super fast and sustainable speed.

As one of the best extreme performance electric scooters, the Dualtron does a great job at mileage as well. With a maximum range of 90 miles, the X2 is definitely considered a long-range electric scooter. It’s built heavy duty and powerful, with incredible attention to detail. A nice little bonus: the X2 charges in under 8 hours, which is almost half the time of other scooters in this category.

The big tires and overall chunky look of this scooter make sure that it looks as powerful as it really is. While no one would call the X2 ‘sleek’, it’s still an incredibly good-looking electric scooter, with an almost-futuristic look. The deck is wide, and the ground clearance is decently high off the ground to accommodate the wheels.

The Dualtron X2 is foldable, and even the handles fold down along with the stem for a compact size. But don’t be fooled — at 145 lbs, this big boy is heavy. The compact folding size definitely helps if you’re putting it in the back of a trunk, but it’s going to be tough to carry this around.

The biggest question is: as the most expensive electric scooter, is the Dualtron X2 worth it? The answer to this is trickier than the question. No matter what kind of rider you are, the Dualtron X2 will be a massive upgrade from your previous vehicle. It’s simply the best electric scooter for power and racing out there. You don’t get a vehicle this robust that’s commercially available, usually reserved for professional racing.
What makes it so expensive is undoubtedly the highest quality on every single component and feature.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Tires: 11″ x 3.5” tubeless tires


  • Most expensive scooter on our list, highest quality build
  • Extreme performance electric scooters
  • Total electric motor power of 8300 watts
  • Great for riding inclines and slopes (35°)
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • High top speed of 69 mph (racing scooter)
  • Smart folding mechanism
  • Lower charge time
  • Long-range at 91 miles


  • Very heavy at 145lbs
  • IP54 is not fully waterproof

Suitable for

If you’re looking for the best electric scooters, the Dualtron X2 is definitely up there. It’s a wonder that the X2 is considered a commercial scooter since it could very well be a professional racing electric scooter. Of course, the Dualtron X2 is the most expensive electric scooter on our list, and it’s important to analyze if you’re willing to invest so much for the best quality and performance. I’d recommend getting this electric scooter if you’re ready to commit to riding it for the next five years (minimum) and think you’ll be able to test its limits for off-roading or long-range travel.

4. Wolf King GT Pro

Most Expensive Electric Scooter for Speed

Wolf King GT Pro

Top speed: 62 mph

Motor: 2000W

Weight: 120 pounds

Range: 90 miles

Wheel Size: 11 Inches

Weight Support: 330 lbs


When you’re shelling out the big bucks for an electric scooter, it’s only understandable that you’d want the fastest electric scooter as well. The Wolf King Gt Pro goes at 62mph, making it one of the fastest scooters in the world commercially available. Any faster than this and you’re likely looking at a professional racing vehicle.

The Dualtron X2 offers 69mph, but I noticed that the Wolf King GT Pro actually feels fastereven at a lower top speed of 62mph. That’s because the GT Pro has better real-time pure speed, meaning it can sustain at higher speeds while being more energy-efficient. As long as you’re below the weight limit of 330lbs, you can quite feasibly ride close to 60mph with powerful acceleration in a few seconds.

It’s not just speed the Wolf King GT Pro offers — you can ride safely for 90 miles on a full battery charge. And unless you’re planning on a really long road trip, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to exhaust the battery, no matter how fast you’re riding. Riders who own the GT Pro report scarcely ever having to charge it, sometimes once every month, depending on their usage.

Apart from incredible performance in speed and mileage, the Wolf King GT Pro is considered a heavy-duty rugged scooter. This electric scooter is equipped with a dual motor 2000W (7200W peak output) that allows it to reach high speeds with heavier riders. And for an electric scooter this bulky, it’s surprisingly comfortable too. The deck is wide enough for anyone to stand on, and the handles fit ergonomically for lesser fatigue. I found the thumb throttle easily accessible, and the entire cockpit uses a smart design TFT display for a more efficient riding experience.

Here’s what’s important to note: the Wolf King GT Pro uses motorcycle-grade stiff suspension in the front and rear. Stiff suspension is great for stability when you’re going at high speeds, but it’s not going to do much in terms of cushioning the ride. Still, the ride on the GT Pro is not bumpy, thanks to the extra-wide tubeless tires.
It’s clear that GT Pro focuses on speed and long-range, rather than a super-cushioned ride. It’s a happy trade-off for many riders but may not work for everyone.

The Wolf King GT Pro weighs about a third of its maximum weight limit. At 120lbs, I don’t think anyone’s planning to carry it up a flight of stairs. While it does fold down and can be fitted into a car trunk, it does not score high on portability.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty (plus lifetime service)

Tires: 11″ wide tubeless tires


  • Max speed of 62mph
  • Rugged and heavy-duty electric scooter
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Superfast acceleration
  • Extreme range of 90 miles
  • Unmatched energy storage capacity
  • Made by the best scooter engineers at KAABO Wolf
  • Way more ergonomic than the average scooter


  • Not designed for beginners, takes some skill to ride
  • Accelerator is not smooth, lurches forward and takes getting used to
  • Stiff rear suspension means the ride isn’t as comfortable as many electric scooters
  • Heavy at 120lbs, not portable
  • Long charging time 13-15h

Suitable for

The Wolf King GT Pro is the fastest scooter on our list, so speed lovers should definitely jump at this vehicle. It does have a steeper learning curve and takes some skill to ride, so it wouldn’t be suitable for beginners, older adults, or anyone who needs a super comfortable ride.

Keen on speed? Check out our review of the fastest electric scooters of 2023 here.

5. KAABO Mantis Pro

Best High-End Electric Scooter for Portability

KAABO Mantis Pro

Top speed: 45 mph

Motor: 1000W

Weight: 65 pounds

Range: 40 miles

Wheel Size: 10″ x 2.5″

Weight Support: 265 lbs


You’ve probably noticed that all the best-performing scooters tend to be heavy-duty and bulky. Usually, that’s because a premium electric scooter is built with amazing powerful motors that weigh a lot. But all hope isn’t lost — the KAABO Mantis Pro is definitely the exception to the rule.

This small but fierce high-end electric scooter is the perfect compromise between power and portability. Almost half the price of other expensive scooters, and half the weight as well: the KAABO Mantis Pro is one of the best-selling and most popular scooters out there.

The Mantis Pro is equipped with powerful brushless 60V 1000 dual motors, the reason behind its impressive performance. This compact scooter can actually take on a 40° inclined slope while carrying a rider under the 265lbs maximum weight limit. And while the KAABO Mantis Pro impressively handles light off-roading and dirt trails, it is primarily built as a powerful inner-city commuter.

That’s because of the grippy and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires, as well as the front and rear spring suspension. If you’re planning to test the limits of rubber suspension, the best way is through light adventure riding.

When it comes to speed and mileage, the KAABO Mantis Pro doesn’t disappoint. While it’s not breaking all the world records, the maximum speed is still impressive at 40mph, and 40 miles is an amazing range point, considering the size of the high-end scooter. In case you’re wondering, the Mantis Pro weighs only around 65 lbs.

Of course, you won’t get as much range as a bulky scooter like Rion scooters — those models cost thousands more than this one. But the KAABO Mantis Pro is in the ‘still very expensive scooters’ category while providing incredible value for money.

When I test rode the KAABO Mantis Pro, the first thing I noticed was how quiet it is! This amazing scooter delivers competitive power without much of a rumble, tearing, or growl — perfect for riders who prefer a more discreet experience. By comparison, it’s tough to start the KAABO Wolf King GT Pro without alerting the household (and neighborhood).

When it comes to looks, the KAABO Mantis Pro might be one of the sleekest looking high-end scooters out there, owing to its non-bulky build. Since it’s so high on portability, it also folds down intuitively and is super compact.
If we’re talking caveats: it does take more than 13 hours to fully charge. But considering how the range is above average, you won’t have to spend too much time charging this commuter scooter every month.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty (plus lifetime service)

Tires: 10″x2.5″ air tires


  • Lightweight electric scooter at 65 lbs
  • ABS Regenerative braking system
  • Decent top speed of 45mph
  • Longer range than other scooters 40 miles
  • Great transportation vehicle for inner-city commutes
  • Expensive electric scooter that’s still affordable by many
  • High rider weight capability 265lbs
  • Swingarm suspension
  • Handles 40° slopes and hills


  • Longer charging time of 13 hours (separate fast charger available)
  • Lights tend to dim out on less than 50% battery

Suitable for

The KAABO Mantis Pro is possibly the only scooter in the world that provides both high power and high portability, making it the ideal high-end commuter e scooter. This hyper scooter is best suited for an intermediate to advanced rider who wants to invest in a high-quality and high-performance electric scooter.

If you’re looking for more light and portable options, check out our guide on the best lightweight scooters here.

6. Wolf Warrior 11

Most Expensive Electric Scooter for Off-Roading

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Top speed: 50 mph

Motor: 5400W

Weight: 101 pounds

Range: 60 miles

Wheel Size: 11 Inches

Weight Support: 330 lbs


It’s no secret that KAABO makes some of the best electric scooters (and the most expensive electric scooters!). Try as hard as I did to include a variety of brands in this list, I couldn’t overlook how the KAABO scooters were outperforming other electric scooters in the high-end category. Similar to the Wolf King GT Pro and the Mantis Pro, the Wolf Warrior 11 is also a powerful electric scooter with incredible performance.

The Wolf Warrior 11 has powerful brushless 1200W dual motors, which is the reason why it’s capable of off-roading and adventure riding. With a max speed of 50mph, it’s definitely a high-speed powerful scooter. When test-riding, I found that it reaches 50mph on asphalt with ease, but can go around 45mph on dirt tracks.

The mileage isn’t bad either — the Wolf Warrior 11 can go 60 miles on a full battery, with only a slight dip according to rider weight. While the weight limit is 330lbs, you can expect to go around 50 miles long distance with a rider weight over 250lbs. However, this is when riding in Eco mode. You can expect about half the mileage if you’re riding at top speed.

Incline riding is one of the most important factors for dirt trails since these are rarely even-tracked. With a maximum motor power output of 5400, this scooter can handle a 30° incline with ease and only a slight dip in speed.

The braking system stood out particularly — ABS brakes quickly come to a halt, smooth and firm, without jerking you forward or causing a safety hazard. It definitely contributes to a smoother riding experience, and the acceleration smoothens the ride out as well. The Wolf Warrior 11 has front hydraulic tubes and rear spring suspension for an especially smooth ride. While the ride is buttery smooth on asphalt, it’s even more noticeable when you’re riding on a bumpy dirt track.

If you’re planning to off-road, you’ll need to purchase a separate set of tires and swap them out. You can also buy the off-roading alternative, but it won’t come with regular tires.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty (plus lifetime service)

Tires: On Road: 11″ tubeless tires
Off-Road: 11″ off-road wet grip tires


  • High value-for-money expensive scooter
  • 5400watts max output electric motor
  • Max speed of 50mph
  • Dual electric motors
  • Best scooter for off-roading
  • Aviation grade aluminum frame
  • Folds compact enough to fit in most car trunks


  • The range goes down if you ride high speed
  • Heavy-duty electric scooter, can’t carry around

Suitable for

Off-roading is the one time you should steer clear of cheap scooters because the safety hazards are too severe to take a chance. The Wolf Warrior 11 is a high-performing off-roading option with lots of safety features, designed especially for high-speed and inclined riding. While it is one of the most expensive electric scooters out there, it’s the perfect choice for a seasoned rider with a taste for adventure.

Buying Guide: How to Choose From the Most Expensive Electric Scooters

While you may be prepared to buy a high-end scooter, there’s no reason why you should jump at the electric scooter with the highest price tag — not unless it specifically meets your requirements. Even electric scooter impulse buys often have a factor the rider took into consideration, sometimes how it looks or the ridiculously high speeds it is capable of.


An Electric Scooter is considered high-end if it costs anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000.
This goes to show that you don’t have to choose the most expensive electric scooter out there, and simply choosing a high-end scooter in the 2k range will give you a way-above-average experience. Regardless of which scooter you choose, any electric scooter in the high-end range will be a big step up from rental e scooters.


Most high-end e scooters offer a max speed higher than 50mph, and the fastest scooter can go up to 62mph. These speeds are way higher than the average electric scooter. For comparison, an average rental e scooter goes about 15mph if you floor the throttle.
Speed can be a bigger factor for you if you plan to ride longer distances. But if you’re only ever going to ride your e scooter in the city through traffic, keep in mind that you’ll probably never get to enjoy the top speed. Consider whether spending an extra grand is worth 10mph more in speed.


Cheaper electric scooters often can’t go more than 10-20 miles, which isn’t just frustrating but dangerous. No one likes to be stranded with an empty battery mid-commute, especially since there’s no AAA for electric scooters (yet). That’s why it pays off to own an expensive electric scooter capable of more than 90 miles long-range. It ensures you’ll never run out of juice, and you’ll likely only need to charge once a fortnight.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Expensive electric scooters

What makes electric scooters so expensive?

The main reason electric scooters are expensive is the motor power. There’s going to be a big difference in price between a 300watt rental e-scooter, and an electric scooter with a max output of 8400watts. You pay for a powerful electric motor that is built heavy-duty and can carry 300lbs up a hill — not to mention speeds above 50mph and 80 miles range. While some of the most expensive electric scooters are out of budget for many, there’s no denying that they provide high-performance that’s worth it.

Which is the most expensive electric scooter in the world?

The Dualtron X2 is the most expensive electric scooter in the world and costs more than $6000. You get what you pay for with the Dualtron X2, and owners enjoy the most competitive high performance with this beast of an electric scooter.

Which is the fastest electric scooter?

The Wolf King GT Pro can comfortably ride at 62mph, making it the fastest electric scooter in real-time. While there are many other electric scooters that claim to have a higher top speed, few are able to maintain this speed on the ground for longer distances. The only two electric scooters on our list above 60mph are The Wolf King GT Pro and the Dualtron X2.

Are Dualtron scooters worth the money?

Dualtron Scooters are widely considered the best scooters in the world. That’s because they are powerhouses, last a lifetime, and have all the features you could want. The guaranteed comfortable ride is only a cherry on top. Whether Dualtron scooters are worth the money is depends on your budget and financial status, but you definitely get the high quality you pay for.

Which is the best electric scooter in the world?

The NAMI BURN E MAX 2 is widely considered the best electric scooter out there — it knocks all other scooters out of the park with its mind-boggling speed, power, and range capabilities.

Final Words

Investing in a high-end electric scooter will undoubtedly give you more ‘bang-for-your-buck’ than any other vehicle — since the most expensive electric scooter costs the same as a cheap motorcycle. Investing in an electric scooter ensures that you have a safe, powerful, and comfortable transport option that you can rely on, so you can kiss all other transports goodbye!

Never stop at a gas station again. (Unless you need to pick up snacks.)

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, I’d suggest investing in the NAMI BURN E MAX 2.

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