How to Lock an Electric Scooter: The Best Electric Scooter Locks of 2022

No matter what kind of scooter you own, you’re at risk of electric scooter theft.

A shiny electric vehicle on the side of the street is just way too tempting for someone to fold up and take away. Factor in how intrinsically lightweight and portable electric scooters are, and it’s easy to see why crime prevails.

If you’re a New Yorker, you’re no stranger to the city’s crime rates. If you take the extra steps to find a good scooter lock, you can safeguard your electric scooter and your mental health every time you need to park it.

Finding the right electric scooter lock and key for you depends on what kind of motorized scooter you have. Not only is it important to think about the weight of your scooter but also take into consideration where you will be parking it most of the time.
There are several lock types on the market that you can pick from. The e-bike lock needs to be made from sturdy material so that it can withstand cutting tool attempts, as well as natural weather conditions.

Better to be safe than sorry — and we would highly recommend that you get two locks, one for each wheel.
Having to break through not one, but two secure locks with loud alarms is a lot more work for a thief. And even if they still try to steal your electric scooter or electric battery, the siren could alert you if you’re in the vicinity, as well as bystanders.

Here are some of our top picks for the best electric scooter locks.

1. Kryptonite Keeper 712 Combo Chain Lock – Our Top Pick

Build Materials

Our top pick for electric scooter locks is the Kryptonite Keeper 712 heavy-duty lock. It’s one of the best chain locks that exist in the premium category. Crafted using 7mm, four-sided chain links made from Kryptonite’s high performing 3T manganese steel, I was blown away by how sturdy it is. These locks are good enough to be moped locks!

If you own a heavy and expensive electric scooter (or even a motorcycle!) then a chain lock of this quality is considered sufficient. It is 47.2 inches long which is plenty to wrap around a regular-sized bicycle parking rack or small metal rod. And like most other Kryptonite locks, this has a water-resistant protective nylon cover that prevents scratches and corrosion. You can easily loop it through the hinge at the stem or the wheels.


Thieves would need heavy-duty bolt cutters to even make a dent. No regular tools and no amateur criminals will be able to break this lock apart without making a crazy amount of noise. A major step up from a regular bicycle lock, the Kryptonite Keeper has advanced features that you wouldn’t find in other lock types.

They have a pretty neat anti-theft protection plan that you can opt for. In case your electric scooter is stolen (if you’ve used the lock properly) then they will pay out up to a certain value depending on the security value of the product. Make sure you register on their website once you receive the product.


I love that I don’t have to carry a key for this lock. It has a combination lock – a 4-digit pin code with around 10,000 combinations possible that’s easy to reset whenever you need to.


I would expect a premium lock like this one to have an alarm system. That would have made this even more undefeatable — but I suppose you can couple it with a cheaper alarm lock to get the best of both worlds.

The biggest downside, for me, is that this is super heavy. I felt like it weighed a ton. But it actually weighs a solid 4.5lbs – definitely not the most portable chain lock.
It’s flexible and can be coiled but because of its hardened steel the Kryptonite Keeper is bulky and a real pain to lug around sometimes. You’re going to have to dump it into your backpack, so remember to account for this weight for your scooter’s maximum weight load capacity.

Still — it’s worth the trouble, especially if you live in urban, high-crime rate localities.


  • Strong and heavy-duty chain lock
  • Chain links made using manganese hardened alloy steel
  • 4-digit resettable combination lock
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Does not rust easily
  • A good alternative for a heavy-duty U lock
  • Nylon coating
  • Long 47.2 inches chain
  • Perfect scooter lock for areas with a high crime rate


  • No alarm system
  • Very heavy

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2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bike U-Lock – Best Premium Lock

Build Material and Lock Type

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is a moderately heavy-duty U Lock – built with premium materials for premium scooters. A U-lock is not robust as a chain lock since they are not as flexible but they are super reliable, regardless, to keep an electric scooter secure.

You get 18mm max performance steel that can resist basic hand tools, cutters, and leverage attacks. It has a hefty padlock that works with a key.

Lock and Key

Kryptonite will ship your first 2 keys for free, all over the globe, in case you lose them. Not that I’m planning to lose my keys, but it’s reassuring to know that.

The Kryptonite brand locks are premium for quality as well as customer service. They offer Anti-theft protection of up to $5000 reimbursement for 1 year. The Fahgettaboutdit Mini has a similar design as the Kryptonite new york disc lock with its U-shaped handle, covered with a vinyl coating. It is lock picking and drill resistant – so thiefs can’t cut through it. It’s designed to make a lot of noise if you try using a drill or hacksaw on it.

Secure locking points

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini U-lock is convenient once you’ve figured out where you are going to be locking your scooter.
I had to roughly figure out the diameter of the pole or fence I was going to lock it against and compare it to this lock’s diameter. It also weighs a solid 4.55 lbs but is more compact than a chain lock so fitting it in your backpack or storage isn’t as much of a problem.

Because of its shape, the stem or wheels are secure locking points. You can additionally fix a mounting bracket anywhere on the stem or handle to carry the lock. This is the best lock for electric scooters if you live in urban or rural areas and need to make quick stops around or park it somewhere overnight. However, I would suggest you get an extra D lock for at least one of the wheels for extra protection.


Just like the Kryptonite Chain Lock, there’s no alarm system on this lock.


  • Good warranty
  • 3 extra stainless steel keys in the box
  • Key-safe, anti-theft protection
  • Good lock for electric scooters in cities
  • Patented Steel Sleeve over the crossbar
  • Hardened Double-deadbolts to increase holding power


  • No alarm system
  • Fixed diameter and circumference
  • Not Flexible

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3. Lakkit Scooter Lock Cable – Best Budget Lock

Not all electric scooter locks have to be super heavy duty to be effective. If you have a regular budget electric scooter that doesn’t weigh a lot and you live in a low-crime area then a scooter lock like the Lakkit Cable Lock will work.

Build Materials

Just because it costs lesser money doesn’t mean it is of low quality. It is a quick and affordable lock to keep your scooter secure and protected. It has a 44 inches long super lightweight cable. Made from strong braided steel cable it is self-coiling and conveniently stretchable. It’s also coated with a scratch-resistant protective nylon coating.

How to attach

I tried it on the Inokim Mini 2 and it did a decent job. It is small enough to fit through the holes in the wheels and long enough to stretch out and around a fence or bike rack. It’s also extremely portable because it barely weighs anything so you can fit it in your bag or even your pocket.

Combination/Key System

This cable lock lacks an alarm but that is expected at this price range. It does have a 4-digit combo lock instead of keys, making it extra convenient. Setting it up isn’t too hard – the numbers can be turned in 90 degrees to set and reset. It comes with a starting guide in the box.

Nonetheless, I don’t recommend this as your primary tool to lock an electric scooter for any reason. It works great if you want a lower-cost safety option to lock the wheels or even lock your helmet. But only along with another sturdier lock. Its diameter is a bit thinner which means someone could use a wire cutter on it. This lock is definitely more effective at visually deterring amateur criminals, but not against a prepared thief with tools.


  • Long cable at 44 inches
  • Extremely affordable
  • Braided hardened steel
  • 4-digit lock with 10,000 combinations
  • Super flexible and portable
  • Perfect scooter wheel lock for lightweight scooters in low-risk areas


  • Thin diameter
  • No alarm system

Check it out on Amazon here.

4. Hiplok LITE Wearable Chain Bike Lock – Most Innovative Lock

This is one of the coolest locks I’ve ever tested out. Such a smart idea, especially in the bike lock world, to have your lock also work as a belt. It is essentially a chain lock but without the excess weight – at 2.2lbs it was not uncomfortable to wear. Heavier than a normal belt of course, but most scooter owners will only be wearing it while riding your electric scooter.

Build Materials

The Hiplok LITE Wearable Chain lock has an 8mm shackle and 6mm chain, both made of tough steel. It is the best electric scooter lock that is flexible and wearable. But don’t mistake it for just a fashion accessory. It held up to all the claims. It’s a seriously robust chain with a strong locking mechanism that was able to keep my mind at peace when I’d parked a colleague’s Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 outside our office.

Security Features

It’s long enough to latch it to the stem or the space between the stem and deck and fits around any parking meter poles or fence posts.

The Hiplok LITE is a great primary lock. It’s going to be tough to find a more secure lock for everyday use. It is also an adjustable belt so I didn’t accidentally lock it since I just had to secure the belt buckles to keep it hanging on me while I rode around.

The outer cover can be removed and washed when it gathers too much dust so keeping this clean is pretty easy. This is the best lock for your electric scooter if you live in urban and high-crime areas.


There’s no alarm system on this primary lock, so we’d recommend a secondary lock with a siren if you’re going to be parking during the day in a high-crime area.
There’s also no extra keys — which can put you in a real pickle if you lose the original keys.


  • Bronze sold secure rating
  • Key lock
  • Extremely portable
  • Washable sleeves
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use


  • No alarm system
  • No extra keys in the box

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5. OnGuard Pitbull STD U-Lock – Most Lightweight U Lock

The OnGuard Pitbull STD is a more affordable alternative to the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit. It comes with a TriRadius hardened steel shackle plus an extra bright yellow rubber at the center for better grip while holding it.

Security Features

It has OnGuard’s X4P locking mechanism and a security rating of 80 to keep your electric scooter safe. It’s a U-Lock with keyed shackle system, and it’s quite easy to use. My issue with a lot of heavy-duty U Locks is that they use so much hand strength to lock and unlock. That isn’t the case with this lock — the operation itself is pretty smooth.

Like most U-locks, it doesn’t have a super flexible form and design. Because of the fixed size — it can’t be mounted on just about any pole or bike rack, unless you’ve measured it before. That’s why it can be annoying to visit a new area with this lock, you’re basically unprepared for the mounting infrastructure.


It weighs only 0.6 lbs – carrying it was a breeze. I found this to be the best scooter lock for affordable electric scooters with lower weight capacities.

Thief Protection

Let’s be clear: potential thieves aren’t going to struggle to cut through this lighter U lock – but it does slow them down. A lot of thieves are deterred by U Locks that seem solid and heavy (like this one), and aren’t going to undertake a good 10 minutes of using tools against the lock during the daytime.

Basically: it’s a great lock when you’re leaving a scooter unattended in the daytime in a mildly populated/crowded area. But if you’re planning to leave it in an apartment parking garage overnight — this is the kind of project a thief would relish.

If you have expensive or bulky electric scooters, you should get an additional disc lock or a folding lock to affix to a different part of the e-scooter.


  • Thick, sturdy build quality
  • Lightweight at 0.6 lbs
  • Best paired with a folding lock
  • 10 extra keys in the box
  • X4P locking mechanism


  • No alarm system
  • Not a good match against professional drilling tools, cutters, or saws

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6. Masterlock Street Cuff 8200 – Most Compact Electric Scooter Lock

Lock Type and Sizing

The Master Lock Street Cuff lock type is kind of similar to a regular chain lock or ring lock. They are slightly more flexible sometimes since they need only half the length to accomplish the same thing. But since the diameter of the cuff is fixed you can’t lock them against bigger objects like thicker bike racks. The Master Lock is 14.1 inches long with a diameter of 2.9 inches for the cuffs.

Build Materials and Portability

These cuff bike locks have a hardened, laminated steel construction with solid pivot links and a screw system that are strong enough to endure any regular tools used to cut through them.

I am a huge fan of cuff links because they are way more portable than chain links. I prefer low maintenance when I’m commuting — and carrying a heavy chain bike lock is not always practical.
The Master Lock cuff links don’t compromise on quality for portability. Just like ring locks, they’re convenient and compact.

Key system

They have an anti-theft keyless locking mechanism but you will need the key to unlock it – you get four spare keys in the box. The stem and front/rear wheel are good spots to lock an electric scooter against a fence post, bike rack, or a regular-sized metal column.

Thief Protection

Of course, we’d suggest you pair this with a disc brake lock or another folding lock for electric scooters for extra protection if you have a bigger or more expensive electric scooter. While the steel alloy is hard to cut through, thieves with more advanced tools can get away with breaking this without much noise, meaning it’s not a good choice for night parking lots.


  • Lightweight
  • Best lock to use along with a d lock
  • Very flexible
  • Hardened steel for pivot links
  • Super portable
  • Anti-theft and compact
  • Has longer cuff variants


  • No alarm system
  • Not as strong as a chain secure lock

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7. NUNET Smart Bike Bluetooth Lock – Best Alarm System Lock

Sometimes your best bet against thieves is to have a super loud siren alerting everyone in the vicinity. This NUNET Smart Lock isn’t just an incredibly convenient Bluetooth lock, but also has a reliable alarm system that safeguards your electric scooter to a higher degree.

Build Materials

This chain lock is made from multiple braided steel cables together, along with rust-protective vinyl that increases resistance to clipping. You can choose lengths from 71-inches to 15 inches — and having a longer cable means it’s easier to attach it to different sized bike racks and steel rods. However, longer cables also mean it’s heavier and takes up more space in your bag.

The chain is robust enough to resist clipping and cutting on it’s own — but the alarm system will ensure that thieves don’t get a chance to try it out.

Key/Combination Lock system

This smart lock doesn’t use a combination system or a key, and is locked and unlocked directly from your phone. Once you buy the lock, you download a mobile app and sync it to your lock. You’ll be able to unlock the NUNET smart lock when you’re in Bluetooth range. Since the lock runs on battery, you’ll also get alerts when the battery is low and needs to be changed.

Alarm System

We mean it when we say this lock alarm is loud — at 110db, the lock attracts public attention in the area. The alarm is also loud enough to travel vertically. This means you’ll be able to hear the alarm coming from your garage even if you’re on the 4th floor.

For context: 110db is as loud as a symphony orchestra, and almost as loud as a gunshot. That’s even louder at night, making this a great primary lock assurance for night parking.

The alarm is set off by minimal vibrations and movements — so always make sure you unlock it via Bluetooth before touching the electric scooter, or it may seem like you’re trying to steal your own electric scooter!


  • Incredibly loud siren
  • Smart technology with mobile app
  • Braided steel cable resistant to cutting
  • Long cable lock
  • Waterproof with IP44 rating
  • Power reminder for battery usage


  • Can be tough to carry due to the long cable

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Common types of locks for electric scooters

Chain Locks

A chain lock is one of the most common and secure types of locks that you can use to prevent scooter theft. It essentially has two parts: the chain and the padlock. The chain is made from a tough and hefty metal that cannot easily be severed using regular bolt cutters. Although, the whole lock is only as strong as its padlock so make sure to buy chain locks that have a solid and sturdy padlock.

One downside is that they are heavier and bulkier than any other type of lock so carrying them around may not be the most convenient. They are heavy-duty locks meant to withstand most attacks.

But I would still highly recommend chain locks especially if you have a big and heavy e-scooter because they are more flexible and have a wider diameter.


A U-lock is the best lock for type electric scooters. They are constructed from hardened steel so thieves will need a power tool or giant bolt cutters to break them, not to mention the skills to use them. Thieves will also end up making a lot of noise which will definitely bring attention to them in public. A U-lock in a bright color that can be seen from a distance and any angle will definitely make it hard for them.

Being made from such tough material, a u-lock is heavy. But they are most convenient to carry since they are of a smaller shape and size. Most electric scooters can be easily locked with a u-lock. Some even come with a fingerprint locking system which is super advanced and secure.

I try not to use a U-lock if I don’t know where or what I will be parking my scooter against. If there isn’t a strong metal column or bike rack, finding something to lock it to will be annoying. U-locks fall short when it comes to flexibility – you will have a tough time bending or wrapping this around anything that isn’t close to a round or square bar or column.

Disc locks

Disc brake locks’ main purpose is to restrict any movement or riding of the scooter. They have a small metal piece jutting out which goes in one of the holes on the disc of your electric scooter’s wheel. This is one of the most unique lock types.

I would recommend a disc brake lock as an additional lock, perhaps along with a chain or u-lock. Because only the wheels will not move but thieves are free to simply carry your scooter away. Once stolen they might be able to start the e-scooter but can’t ride it without first removing the lock. The wheels on the electric scooter can be damaged or bent. Try not to solely rely on disc brake locks as your primary lock.

Cuff locks

Cuff locks are a pretty self-explanatory lock type. One of their biggest advantages in my opinion is that they are not as common as chain locks or U-locks. This means that most thieves are unfamiliar with them and will not know how to crack their system so they’ll most likely just move on to another scooter.

Cuff locks are resilient to cutting attacks because each cuff is usually made from a single piece of metal. They are more flexible than U-locks but less so than chain locks.

Yes, just like any other lock type, cuff locks are liable to lock-picking. And any extra pressure or force from high-grade tools will simply break it apart. They are also prone to being weak at the joints but it’s rare that thieves will carry a toolkit specifically to break out cuff locks.

Folding locks

Folding locks are a newer invention with a more contemporary design for electric scooter locks. Due to their folding mechanism, they are easily the most convenient and portable way to lock electric scooters.

A folding lock can be folded into any shape so fitting it into your bag or luggage will be a breeze. But their high portability has a downside – they can be easily broken into using a bolt cutter and the rivet area can be drilled. A folding lock can be taken apart by thieves who simply own the right tools, even if they lack the necessary skills.

If you own an expensive scooter like the Nami Burn E 2 or the Dualtron X, you’d be better off investing in stronger locks to keep your electric scooter from being stolen.

Cable Locks

Cable locks (sometimes called a wire rope lock) are only to be used in the least risky scenario such as if you’re leaving your electric scooter or bicycle in your own garage or if you’re parking it in a safe and monitored area. It is not great for weightless bicycles so it’s definitely not good enough for an electric scooter.

It’s almost too easy to break your scooter out of a cable lock – they can be cut without much effort, or the bicycle lock can be picked in a few minutes, and really just a dozen other ways to undo a cable lock especially if you’ve locked it around your electric scooter or bicycle handlebar.

I’d recommend cable locks only as an additional lock to keep your vehicle safe.

Final Words

Overall, the whole reason we use bike locks is to keep our electric motorcycles and scooters protected when we aren’t around. Whether that’s parking your electric scooter overnight inside your garage or while you’re making a quick stop on your commute – leaving your expensive electric scooter unlocked is not an option.

Apart from having top-notch durability and design, the best locks for electric scooters should come with electronic theft deterrents, anti-theft protection, and excellent weather-resistant build quality even during harsh rain. Some of them even have extremely loud alarm systems but they may compromise on strength.

If you can, never rely on a single lock alone. No matter how smart technology is nowadays there’s always a thief somewhere who is smarter and knows how to break into anything. The most any lock will do is slow down the thief so research and invest in something that is heavy-duty and takes the longest to cut through.

You can’t go wrong with our top pick, the Kryptonite Keeper Chain Lock.

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