A Complete Electric Scooter Chargers Guide

Electric scooters greatly differ from each other in terms of battery performance and motor capabilities, so it’s only natural that electric scooter chargers are not interchangeable with each other. In this quick guide, we’ll show you the best electric scooter chargers in the market, and help you find the right one for your vehicle.

Not using the right charger can diminish your electric scooter battery’s performance. Make use of some of the fastest smart chargers in the market to get the best electric scooter riding experience.

How long does an electric scooter battery last?

A scooter battery is capable of running up to 500 cycles, with a range of 4,880 km to 4,0250 km without reducing its useful capacity.

Best Electric Scooter Chargers in the Market

Here are the top 3 electric scooter chargers on the market. Choose from these according to your electric scooter batteries and requirements:

TYZYGMY Smart Li-On 42V 2A Power Adapter

This smart charger is made with multiple protective barriers and comes with two connector cables that you can swap out according to what your vehicle needs.


  • Dual connectors: 8mm 3-prong connector and 5mm 1-Prong DC connector
  • CC-CV working mode: promotes battery life and health
  • Six Protective Barriers: Prevents six issues — over-voltage, over-current, short-circuiting, rise in temperature, reverse connection, and fusing.
  • LED light indicator: Green when fully charged, red when charging
  • Output: DC 42V 2A

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DC Coaxial 42V 2A Electric Scooter Charger

Few electric scooter models require a DC Coaxial connector plug, namely the GoTrax GXL, GKS, Apex, and XR Elite. This 42V 2A Electric Scooter charger is a great option to replace the OEM charger, and many riders report it does an even better job at fast-charging the battery.


  • Safe and reinforced charger for easy handling. Stays cool and does not overheat.
  • Voltage safety indicator: The LED light begins to blink if there is uneven voltage. This happens when the start voltage is lower than the output start voltage.
  • Dual LED display for the charging status along with a red light for charging and green light for fully charged/disconnected.
  • 6-month refund or replacement policy in case the charger doesn’t live up to the highest promised quality.

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SafPow 42V 2A Charger

This electric scooter charger from SafPow is a popular reliable option. It’s designed to work with 36V Li-ion batteries and gets your battery full faster than the average charger.


  • Output voltage of 42V, Input Voltage of AC
  • Universal power supply charger with 5.5mm 1 prong plug
  • Compatible with GoTrax, TurboAnt, Hiboy, and other popular brands
  • Guarenteed usage of 18 months
  • Light turns green when fully charged
  • Auto stops when done charging for better battery life span

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Choosing a Charger for your Electric Scooter

The first step to searching for a charger is at the scooter manufacturer. Most electric scooter brands sell spare parts and accessories like battery chargers and spare tires on their website. However, there are brands that don’t sell designated branded chargers since the scooter is compatible with any generic charger of the right voltage. In this case, you’ll want to verify voltage and connector type information before you purchase one from an online e-scooter store or shop.

The first thing you should do is check your scooter’s battery voltage. You’ll find this written in your scooter manual or on the battery, but you might have to unscrew and open up your deck for this. Next, check the charging connector type to make sure you find the right charger plug that will fit the port. All chargers will have fine print that mentions DC output and voltage information.

Power source voltage can also depend on the country’s location, so don’t forget to invest in a battery converter if you need to.


Most Electric Scooter chargers range from 36V to 72V. It is absolutely essential to use a battery charger with the voltage intended. Always make sure that the battery charger’s maximum output current does not exceed the battery charging current limitation. You can use any generic electric scooter charger that has the right voltage ratings. Paying attention to the Battery Capacity in Amps will help you understand how long it will take for your scooter to reach a full battery.

All battery chargers mention the battery specifications they are designed to handle.

Charger Connector Types

1. DC Coaxial Power Plug

This is the most common connector type on battery chargers for budget scooters and beginner scooters. This barrel-style connector plug is usually found on GoTrax, Xiaomi, TurboAnt, and Segway Ninebot scooters and varies in length and diameter according to brand.

2. USB Power Connector

While uncommon, few scooters use a USB power connector. Notably, the Unagi Model One uses a USB connector. This charger will often be a squared yellow tip, and while many electronic devices use USB-style plugs, it’s important that you use one designed for electric scooters or mobility scooters.

3. XLR Connector

Most often seen on Inokim scooters, the XLR connector has three pins sheathed in a circular plug style. These connectors are also on more powerful mid-range battery chargers and are called ‘SLR’ chargers in some cases.

4. GX16-3P

This connector type is also circular, with three pins and a threaded collar. Most powerful and higher-end scooters tend to have chargers that use this kind of connector, namely Apollo and Dualtron.

Here are the 52V, 60V, and 72V versions of the GX16-3P charger.

Where can I buy electric scooter accessories?

Just like shopping for electric scooters: you, the customer, can choose between buying an electric scooter charger online or from an in-person store. Most e-scooter brands have a local store address where you’ll find spare batteries, chargers stock, and extra tires or seat attachments for a seated ride.

Before you agree to buy a charger attachment, make sure to search for an offer on the brand site, as well as operate your ride after the change. This way you can ensure you’re getting the best deal with an accessory that works well with your scooter batteries.

Final Words

As long as you pay attention to fundamental battery charger specifications when you choose one, you should have a secure and reliable way to keep your precious two-wheeler running. Many people believe that a generic e-scooter charger will deteriorate the battery life — this isn’t true, and only happens over time when using a charger with the wrong voltage.

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