Best electric scooter helmets of 2023 — Safety and Comfort

Regardless of what kind of scooter you’re riding, wearing a helmet is essential.
Not only is it required by law (in some areas) but it’s also your best bet in preventing head injuries. Zooming through the streets at top speed is a much more comfortable and safer experience when you’re wearing a good-quality helmet with basic protection.

And while everyone knows helmets are so much safer, a lot of electric scooter riders are reluctant to wear them because they think it hampers the easy-breezy ride experience. You don’t want to be all stuffy on a hot day when you can feel the breeze hitting the rest of your body.

Another concern many riders hold is how it makes them look — does it look odd if you wear a helmet on an electric scooter, with the rest of your body exposed?

We wanted to provide solutions to both these valid concerns in this best helmet list: so we’ve prioritized helmets that look like bicycle helmets and not motorcycle helmets. We’ve also factored in ventilation and comfort when testing out these products.

While riding an electric scooter, we usually stand. This means we could encounter an impact with head-level obstacles like tree branches. If you’re planning to buy only one extra accessory for your e-scooter, it should be a helmet. This safety gear might just be the only thing between life and death.

Best Electric Scooter Helmets: Our Test and Review Strategy

Choosing the right electric scooter helmet isn’t so straightforward.

When searching for one, you’ll often find the same product being marketed for motorcycles, electric motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds and electric scooters. That’s because there isn’t really a ‘standard’ for electric scooter helmets: and you need to use your own discernment to figure out what suits you best.

Here was Scootermap’s testing and writing strategy for the best helmets. We took all the factors into consideration – road traffic safety standards in the United States, helmet construction quality, helmet safety standards, new technology, and more – then divided them into categories. Look out for a ‘Suitable for’ section under each review to see if you fit the description.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 6 best electric scooter helmets that are great options whether you’re going mountain biking or commuting daily in urban areas.

1. ILM Off-Road Full Face helmet – Our Top Pick

ILM is a prominent band for electric motorcycles and scooters. The ILM Off-road full-face helmet is the best high-end, premium quality motorcycle helmet that is available in the electric scooter market.

Of course, most electric scooters do not need a heavy-duty, off-road helmet built for gear motorcycles like this one. But if you’re anything like me and crave exploring the great outdoors with heavy-duty, off-road electric scooters like the Kaabo Wolf-Warrior 11 then you’re going to need a robust motorcycle helmet that can withstand any and all kinds of impacts.


The ILM Off-road helmet is built using top-quality ABS and high-density EPS foam to help absorb the energy released because of heat as well as impacts.
I loved the super convenient dual-visor system. It has a detachable sun visor and the main HD wide angle, clear shield – these two are your main face protectors from any external disturbances like wind, debris, sunlight, or light rain.
Plus it has an inner tinted UV-resistant lens for even more utility. I love the convenience and functional utility in everything I use so this motorcycle helmet checked all the boxes for me.

Ventilation – Perspiration-Proof

The ventilation system in this electric scooter helmet is impressive. It is designed especially for aerodynamic air intake which then introduces fresh air to replace the hot air inside the helmet. My head managed to remain cool and dry no matter the hour of the day. It has 1 large front airflow vent and 2 top airflow vents that constantly cycle hot air out and clean, fresh air in.

The ILM Off-road motorized scooter helmet also comes with a breath box that can be removed. I could reduce some of the fogging which is a great feature because with so many visors it’s bound to fog up inside. The comfy inner lining is soft and has fantastic moisture-wicking technology. But just to maintain extra hygiene, I definitely recommend a light wash after long and sweaty rides.

Comfort and Fitting

This is our top pick not only because of its top-notch build quality and premium features but also because of how secure and comfortable it feels. Unlike a standard bike helmet, the ILM Off-road, full-face motorcycle style helmet is a class apart. Its inner lining and outer body cancel noise and unnecessary air resistance.

ILM recommends that you get one size bigger than the measurements of your head, so make sure you don’t forget to get the dimensions right before buying.

This is the best and only helmet type you should consider especially if you’re riding at the electric scooter’s top speed limit or in risky conditions. But if you just want a simple, lightweight helmet for everyday, urban commutes then you’d be better off looking at the Lumos Matrix Smart helmet or the Vega Rebel Warrior half-helmet.


  • DOT approved
  • High-quality visors
  • Excellent premium full-face helmets
  • Maximum protection for off-roading
  • Multi-function helmet
  • Removable washable lining
  • Extra sun visor to block ultraviolet rays


  • Heavier than regular bicycle helmets
  • Sun visor may be a hindrance during night-time
  • Not comfortable for people who need to wear glasses

Suitable for:

If you ride an electric scooter that weighs over 100lbs and is a performance beast, you need a helmet like this that can keep up with your vehicle. It’s very high on safety and comfort. While it’s not going to allow breeze in the way a bicycle helmet would, you need this level of impact resistance and protection if you’re riding a powerful dual motor electric scooter.

Check it out here.

2. Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet – Best Premium Helmet

This electric scooter helmet is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Lumos brand is known for its innovative design and advanced technology.
It looks like a super stylish and fun bicycle helmet, but the Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet is leagues ahead.

Comfort and Fitting

The inner material of the helmet is made from an impact-resistant polystyrene liner that sits comfortably on your head. They have an in-depth fit guide, so take time to follow them correctly – the helmet size fits heads from 22 inches to 24 inches. It also comes with 22 vents that facilitate airflow.

Visibility and Lighting Accessories

The feature that this e-scooter helmet is known for is the front and back LED lights and display. It’s basically in the name, Lumos.

The front of the helmet features a strip of LED light that works as an extra headlight. This may just be better than your electric scooter automotive lighting because this can light up any direction with its 360-degree visibility. At the rear is a wide, customizable 7×11 LED panel that you can operate using their companion app from your phone.
(I had way too much fun customizing the lighting flash patterns for the rear LED module, probably more than I should have!)

It also has automatic brake lights that alert drivers behind you when you’re stopping. Both, the front and rear LED panels, have integrated turn signals that work perfectly when you need to make sudden, hard turns. No vehicle driver needs to guess, they can simply look at your helmet and get out of your way.


I tested it out mostly during nighttime, at peak traffic hours. That seemed exactly the situation that the Lumos Matrix helmet was designed for. But it does run on battery – takes about 5 hours to charge and can last you up to 10 hours depending on your helmet settings.

Scooter riders have an option to upgrade this to MIPS. MIPS is a helmet-integrated brain protection system that’s designed to safeguard your brain in case your impact is angled or rotational. Once I secured the chin strap, I felt secure and ready to hit the streets.


  • Premium, high-quality construction, and design
  • Intuitive tech and safety features
  • Optional upgrade to MIPS protection
  • Strong inner foam lining
  • 22 white front LED lights
  • 77 RGB programmable LEDs
  • Up to 1000 lumens of illumination
  • Perfect for urban commutes


  • Slightly heavier than regular bicycle helmets at 590 grams
  • Not good for adventures or rough landscapes

Suitable for

This is one of the most convenient helmet types for many electric scooter riders – if you have a lightweight electric scooter or usually ride around urban areas this is the right protective gear for you. It even works great as a skateboard helmet. But if you’re planning to go on joyrides on hills or rocky areas, you’re going to want a stronger, full-face helmet.

Check out the best price on Amazon here.

3. Triple Eight Bike Helmet – Best Budget Helmet

Build Materials and Weight

Compared to standard bicycle helmets, the Triple Eight Bike Helmet is made of top-tier quality materials that result in a premium riding experience when you’re on a budget. This is a great choice especially if you’re a beginner e-scooter rider looking for basic, but reliable, protection for everyday commutes and journeys. It weighs less than a pound making it super easy to carry around or strap onto your bag.

The Triple Eight Helmet is built to last with its durable ABS outer shell made and tough, inner expanded polystyrene foam liner. Both were able to absorb light to medium impact during my testing. I was surprised to find that a budget scooter helmet like this one could withstand siginificantly rough and extreme weather conditions.

Ventilation and Temperature Performance

It comes with two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads that can be customized to fit your head. The half-shell shape is great for ventilation – it includes 7 vents to regulate airflow. The unique material of the padding is designed to absorb perspiration completely while keeping your head dry and cool even during the heat.

The material is also resistant to bacterial growth, to a certain extent. I would recommend washing it regularly to keep it extra clean.


The adjustable chin strap with side release buckle was secure around my jaw from the moment I put it on. It stayed in place the entire time and was comfortable. The Triple Eight bicycle helmet is the most used as a mountain bike helmet or as a downhill or BMX helmet so you can bet it’ll be able to prevent head injuries to a certain level if you’re riding at a speed less than 25mph. Anything more than that and the helmet may not remain intact.


  • Durable ABS exterior shell
  • Multi-sport usage electric scooter helmet
  • Impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Super affordable
  • Intuitively designed vents and good aerodynamics
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets


  • Not good for off-roading
  • No DOT safety certifications

Suitable for:

Overall, this is a fantastic helmet when you’re short on cash but don’t want to compromise on protection. Instead of taking a risk with your safety on days when you don’t feel like wearing a helmet, this is a great alternative. With its streamlined design and several sizes and color options, the Triple Eight electric scooter helmet would be the budget choice for me if I was new to riding an electric scooter.

Remember: you’ll need a bigger and better helmet for 25mph+ speeds.

Check out the best price here.

4. Vega Rebel Warrior Half Helmet – Best Helmet for Urban Areas

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

The Vega Rebel Warrior Half Helmet is the best electric scooter helmet for urban areas and daily commutes. Living in a metropolitan area, I prefer half helmets over full-face helmets while riding an electric scooter. These are much lighter and easier to put on or take off.

Build Materials and Comfort

The Vega brand is very popular in the helmet category with the Rebel Warrior half-helmet being the most popular helmet for an electric scooter. Weighing around 2.2 lbs, this bike helmet is made of sturdy polystyrene foam on the inside. It didn’t press into my skull uncomfortably despite being a snug fit and worked as an amazing shock absorber.

The padded quick-release chin strap on the Vega Rebel Warrior half-face helmet is ergonomic and convenient to use. It did a good job of keeping the helmet secured around my head while cruising through speed bumps and sudden turns. For a helmet this size, it has a surprisingly rigid outer shell, better than other half-helmets on this list.

I was also able to adjust the size with its dial system for a custom fit. This only works to the extent of a few inches: you’ll also have to choose the right size when ordering it.


This electric scooter helmet also features an advanced moisture-wicking liner and channeled EPS for increased cooling. Since it is open in the front, ventilation is not a problem. The small, dropdown sun shield in the front was a pleasant surprise. When the weather is too hot, it was a blessing to have my eyes behind a tinted shield.

Safety Standards and Warranty

The Rebel Warrior electric scooter helmet is manufactured according to the United States DOT FMVSS 218 helmet safety standards so not only is it safe to wear but also complies with electric scooter laws. You also get a 5-year warranty for this – don’t forget to register your helmet for the warranty on the Vega website.

This is one of the finest e-scooter helmets for cities as well as some light adventuring. Since it also works as a great motorcycle helmet, mountain bike helmet, or downhill helmet it is, by default, a perfect half-face helmet for electric scooter riders.


  • DOT-compliant safety certifications
  • Lightweight scooter helmet at 2.2 lbs
  • Eliminates neck fatigue during long trips
  • Optically correct, drop-down sun shield
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Advanced moisture-wicking lining
  • Universal fit
  • 5-year warranty


  • Not good for heavy-duty use

Suitable for

If you’re riding an electric scooter that’s around 1000w, and you don’t hit speeds higher than 35-40mph, this is all the safety and protection you’ll need! It’s the perfect choice for inner city commutes, but not so much for off-roading or uneven terrain rides.

Check it out here.

5. GLX M14 Half Helmet – Best Beginner Helmet

The GLX M14 half-helmet is a fantastic alternative to the Vega Rebel Warrior Helmet. It is slightly longer at the back and offers more protection for rides around different terrains. With a robust ABS exterior and a high-impact EPS interior, this is the most comfortable helmet on this list. And it weighs only 2.1 lbs so I had no trouble carrying this around when I wasn’t wearing it.

Extra Features

My favorite feature is the additional compartment inside for audio enhancement devices like hearing aids or Bluetooth earphones. I’ve never seen this designed into an electric scooter helmet before. This is innovative and inclusive for all riders and we need more of that from manufacturers.

Comfort and Ventilation

The GLX m14 also has extensive plush fabrication – that means it has a lot of internal, microfiber polystyrene lining as well as synthetic leather along the bottom edges of the helmet. It is fairly easy to remove them and wash them to prevent any bacteria or sweat build-up.


It also comes with a drop-down sunshield to protect your face from ultraviolet rays from the sun. While purchasing, I had the option to choose a free tinted one. Depending on how sunny or dark it is outside, you can use either of those. This improved my riding experience a whole lot and kept some debris and dust off my eyes. Since it’s a half-helmet with the front open, it doesn’t come with any extra vents for airflow.


The sizing is a bit of a gamble with the GLX M14. While the helmet fits larger heads, the chin strap isn’t long enough for everyone. You’ll just have to see if you have the right head and face proportions for this helmet.


  • Sturdy exterior quality
  • DOT-approved safety certification
  • Sun visor is great for UV rays and small debris or dust particles
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Lightweight


  • Chin strap is not long enough
  • Not good for off-roading

Suitable for:

This is a great beginner helmet for commutes around the city and occasional trips around. It has great quality at this price and is perfect if you just need something hassle-free and convenient.

Check it out on Amazon here.

6. MMG Helmets Open Face Pilot Style Helmet – Best Lightweight Helmet

The MMG helmet is another great choice for beginner e-scooter riders. This helmet has some interesting features that we have rarely seen before. Compared to bike helmets, this is a much safer option to prevent road accidents and any traumatic brain injury.


It comes in two sizes – small, large, and X-large. The outer material is made from sturdy carbon fiber – just like most electric scooters’ frames. The inside is lined with expanded polypropylene which is a low-density foam material. Thanks to that, it only weighs 1 lb making it one of the lightest open-face helmets on our list.

Visor and Face Shield

The MMG motorcycle helmet has a clear windshield, a wide visor with Flip-Up technology, and an anti-scratch technology visor. Most of the time when a product claims to be anti-scratch, it’s usually bogus.

So, I conducted a few scratch tests. It was able to withstand light scratches from finger rings and apartment keys but scratches appeared quickly when I dropped the helmet from over my head a couple of times. As long as you store it and use it carefully, it should be fine. Keep in mind that the visors are not colored so it does reflect light on sunny days.


It is designed with aerodynamics in mind. There are vents placed in the right spots for easy airflow while riding electric scooters, but I would have liked some extra vents. The vents work along with the internal padding to absorb moisture to keep the inside of the helmet dry. I liked that the cushioning inside can be washed to keep things extra sanitized and odor-free. If that’s too much work any regular sanitizing liquids will also get the job done.

Safety Standards

The MMG electric scooter helmet is DOT approved according to US safety standards so I didn’t have to worry about any legal issues. But my least favorite part was the chin bar – the strap was shorter than I expected and kind of itchy on the chin. I would recommend you check their size guide thoroughly to choose the right size for your head.


  • DOT-approved bike helmets
  • Can also be used as downhill mountain bike helmets
  • Strong outer shell
  • Long-lasting helmet construction
  • Lightweight helmet for an electric scooter – 1 lb
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Safety certification according to US law


  • Can be longer to cover the chin and neck
  • Limited air vents

Suitable for:

This is one of the most lightweight helmets for electric scooters that you can get on the market. If you own a heavier-than-normal electric scooter, any above 60lbs, this is the right helmet for you. This is also a great mountain bike helmet. The MMG helmet’s hard shell construction provides maximum protection even while riding at top speeds, in urban areas, or on uneven terrains.

Check out the best price here.

Buying Guide

Build Quality and Design

The most important factor to consider while buying helmets for electric scooters is the build quality and design. You don’t want a hefty helmet putting strain on your neck and at the same time a lightweight helmet that is too light that it may slip off. This depends on the materials used to manufacture the helmet. Good helmets for electric scooters also have a great ventilation system with multiple vents to keep an inflow of fresh and cool air.

Look for expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) for inside the helmet and polycarbonate outer shell. Polycarbonate is considered a more high-end material – it’s more flexible, lighter, and softer. But it’s more expensive and is usually found in motorcycle helmets. ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is cheaper, harder, and heavier. Not all helmets (especially for electric scooters going lower than 30mph) will require a polycarbonate shell.

Finding an e-scooter with a chin bar adjustable straps that fit you correctly can get a bit tricky. This is the smallest part and often overlooked, but it can have a huge impact on your comfort level.

Helmet fit and Adjustable Visor

Most scooter helmet retailers online have a guide for measuring your head so you can order helmets that will fit your head. Take time to measure accordingly or you might end up with a helmet that’s too tight or too loose. If they don’t fit exactly and are uncomfortable then it’s not your size. Fidgeting with the helmet or chin bar while riding an electric scooter is frustrating and takes away from your ride quality.

Having an adjustable visor (or two) preferably made with Fiberglass or any similar material is a great addition to an e-scooter helmet. It will keep your eyes and face shielded from direct sunlight and harsh winds which can hinder your ride quality.

Helmet Type

There are many types of helmets that can be used for electric scooters. Standard bike helmets are usually half-face helmets covering only the top and sides of your head. They are lightweight and designed for airflow and comfort. A snowboard helmet is also usually half-sized.

Any e-bike with more than 700-1000 Watt motor power capacity has the potential to go over 30-40 mph. I would highly recommend looking into a full-face helmet or at least a hefty half-face helmet in that case.

Full-face helmets are made to cover the top, sides, chin, and jaw area when worn. They have a streamlined and hefty design and offer the most protection possible. Motorcycle helmets are the most common type of full-face helmets. A motocross helmet or a downhill helmet is also a full-face helmet usually worn by motorcyclists while racing on tracks or rocket surfaces.

Helmet Weight

Trust me, helmet weight is one factor you don’t want to overlook!

If riding an electric scooter is part of a daily routine for you then so is wearing a helmet. And you do not want to wear a heavy helmet for long periods of time. It can induce serious stress on your neck and is extremely uncomfortable.

If you’re not riding for long periods of time and are usually off-roading then it should be fine. But keep in mind that regular use of downhill helmets can lead to headaches. While motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of getting brain or head injuries, evaluate if your lifestyle really requires them.


Any electric scooter rider will first look at the price. Just like any other product in the world right now, scooter helmets are also priced according to their make and model. It’s no secret that good quality products cost a lot but that doesn’t mean you pick the most expensive one without analyzing if it satisfies all your requirements. Pick a helmet that is reasonably priced without compromising on the certifications or the build quality. Keep an eye out for its warranty policies as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Off-roading electric scooter helmet?

The best Off-road helmet is our top pick, the ILM off-road helmet. It is a full-face helmet that proves maximum protection during risky rides.

What are the helmet Safety Certifications required by US law for road traffic safety?

The consumer product safety commission lists several different types of helmet safety standards for riding on different cycling infrastructures. They differ depending on the kind of motorized scooter you are riding. The most common certification is the DOT standard which is often followed by most motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets. There is also the Snell B95 which is the most rigorous standard. You can check out the history of motorcycle laws in the US here.

Which helmet is good for riding at top speed?

It depends on what the top speed is on your electric scooter. If it’s less than 20 mph, a bicycle Helmet is good enough. For anything more than 20 or 30 mph a full face or motorcycle helmet will give you the highest protection.

How to avoid head injuries while wearing a helmet?

The best way to avoid any head injuries while wearing a helmet is to wear the helmet correctly. Pick the right size helmet for your head. If it doesn’t fit snugly then return it and go down or up a size depending on your needs. On the off chance that you’re crashing into something while speeding, the helmet may fly off your head making you vulnerable to incurring damage. So don’t forget to buckle the chin strap.


Wearing a helmet while riding can literally save your life. You never know when or where you could get into an accident so it is essential to take all necessary precautions to avoid getting hurt. The best e-bike helmets will be built using high-quality outer and inner material with moisture-absorbing foam and plenty of vents for airflow.

Not every helmet out there is the right one for your riding needs, so taking a little time to make a decision definitely pays off.

If you’re still unsure, the best helmet is our top pick – the ILM Off-road Full-face Helmet.

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