Best long-range electric scooters

Most people buy electric motorcycles and scooters for daily commutes: and no one wants to run out of juice before they get back home.

If you’re in the market for an e-scooter, you ideally want to look at options that can give you as much range as possible along with a durable build, so you can worry less on days when you need to ride farther than usual. Even if you have a shorter 5-mile commute, a long-range motorized scooter means charging once a week instead of every day. Bye-bye range anxiety!

Keep in mind that the price of the electric scooter is indicative of how much range it can offer. It should come as no surprise to anyone that a $3500 scooter can offer way more range and speed than a scooter priced at $1200.

So, what is long-range?

Seeing as the average rental e-scooter doesn’t offer more than 10 or 15miles range at best — a budget electric scooter offering 25 miles can be considered long-range. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a high-end e-scooter: “long-range” would be upwards of 50 miles.

As you can see — there’s a close relationship between the electric scooter price and mileage. All the scooters listed in this review are from longest range to least range, starting with premium scooters and ending with the cheapest long-range models in the market, so you can find one that fits your budget.

But if you don’t have the time to read through our carefully collated, personally tested in-depth reviews, our quick recommendation goes to the Nami Burn-E 2 Max.

1. Nami Burn-E 2 Max – Our Top Pick
Extreme Long Range

Top speed: 60 mph
Weight: 103 lbs
Tire size: 11 inches
Motor: 1500W (x2)
Range: 90 miles
Weight Support: 330 lbs

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The Nami Burn-E 2 Max is hands down the best and one of the longest-range electric scooters that money can buy right now. Called the ‘Ferrari of the electric scooter world’, the Burn E 2 Max is constructed completely with an aluminum frame, polished stainless steel parts, and a carbon-fiber stem. No surprise here: but since this scooter is made with premium materials, it’s bound to be incredibly durable, and delivers top performance for years.

The grippy and tall handlebars plus the wide deck make this scooter ultra-comfortable for long rides and taller riders.

Speed, Motor Power, and Range

The Nami Burn E 2 Max is considered an ultra high-quality long-range electric scooter mainly because of its two robust 1500W motors that deliver lurching acceleration and a maximum speed up to 60mph. This beast comes with a 72V 28 Ah battery — it took me around 7-8h to charge it with a 5A charger and it has a staggering max range of up to 90 miles. That makes it the longest range scooter we’ve ever tested.

However, you can’t expect to get 90 miles of range if you’re pushing top speeds. If you’re riding at higher speeds or are a rider above 200lbs, you can expect the range to drop down to about 50 miles.

Hydraulics and Ride Quality

The dual braking system brings the machine to a smooth stop with a short braking distance of under 10 feet. That’s better than the average disc brake performance. And when you’re riding for so long, you don’t want brain-rattle. Since this NAMI model is about as premium as it gets, of course there’s a fully hydraulic suspension system (almost comparable to car suspension) that makes the ride ridiculously smooth.

This is helpful for bigger riders as it can carry up to 330lbs making the ride quality accessible for heavier riders too. We got our heaviest test-rider at Scootermap (he weighs just short of 300lbs) to take the NAMI Burn E 2 Max for a spin, and it ran smooth with a small dip in speed and battery life.

Weight and Portability

The total weight is 103 lbs which means it’s not very portable for the average person. To be fair, it’s also not easy to get portability with this much power. It’s also a challenge getting it to fit into most car trunks and is not the most compact electric vehicle out there.


  • Extreme long range of 90 miles
  • 4-piston LOGAN full hydraulic disc brakes
  • Top speed of 60 mph
  • IP55 water resistance rating
  • LED front, side, and rear lights + turn signals
  • Full charge in 8 hours
  • Premium, high-grade electric scooter
  • Powerful and sturdy build
  • One of the longest-range electric scooters
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use


  • Not easily portable
  • Heavy at 103lbs

Suitable for:

The Nami Burn E-2 is the ultimate e-scooter. With its high-quality materials and a rider weight limit of 330 lbs, this is perfect for heavier and taller riders with extremely long range. If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider looking to invest in a top-of-the-class scooter that offers the best and longest range for daily or long-distance commutes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Check it out here.

2. EMOVE Cruiser – Best budget scooter
Super long range

Top speed: 33 mph
Weight: 52 lbs
Wheel size: 10 inches
Motor: 1000W Brushless DC
Range: 62 miles
Weight Support: 352 lbs

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The EMOVE Cruiser is probably one of the most popular e-scooters ever. We usually consider budget scooters to be below $1200, but the Emove Cruiser costs a bit more and is still a worthy contender for the price category because of its super competitive specs.

It boasts a top range of 62 miles when riding at a constant 19-20mph and an average range of around 50 miles during our higher-speed range test. For a scooter in this price range, the performance is ridiculously good.

Speed, Acceleration, and Weight Limit

It has a top speed of 33 mph which is perfect to speed through bike lanes or pick up speed when you hit the highway (note: not all states allow electric scooters on highways).

Fun fact: the Emove Cruiser topped our list for the Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders. That’s because it has a load weight limit of 352 lbs while the Cruiser weighs only 52 lbs.

Design and Riding Comfort

The EMOVE Cruiser has brilliant design — robust and high on comfort. The deck is probably one of the widest I’ve ever seen. The deck on an electric scooter is as important as the seat on a motorcycle since it decides whether you can stand at ease for long hours. If you are interested in electric scooters with a seat, check out our guide.

The Cruiser has 10-inch pneumatic air-filled solid tires that are covered by huge front and rear fenders above its rear wheel that look cool and prevent muddy splashes from getting on you..

Amplified with a 1000-watt brushless motor, the Cruiser has enough battery to go long distances and tackle steep hills, making it a great option for those living in hilly cities. It has an LG battery with 52V and 30 AH at its core that can charge in under 12 hours.


  • Most affordable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Dual mechanical disc brakes
  • Dual suspension system
  • Light-weight
  • Easily portable
  • Bright auto-motive lighting on front and rear


  • Not the best folding handlebars

Suitable for

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, then the EMOVE Cruiser is best for you. It is one of the most efficient daily commuter scooters with the longest range, it’s definitely going to give you everything you want from long-range e-scooters.

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3. Dualtron Storm – Best premium scooter + fastest scooter

Top speed: 59 mph
Weight: 102 lbs
Wheel size: 11 inches
Motor: 6640W
Range: 60 miles
Weight Support: 330 lb

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In case you’re new to the electric scooter world: Dualtron is a premium brand and their scooters are considered the gold standard.

Electric motor performance (the Engine of the scooter)

The Dualtron Storm has dual 3320-watt motors with a peak output of 6640W. Those aren’t rookie numbers (and shouldn’t be treated as such). With lots of power, comes lots of responsibility — and the Dualtron Storm is a premium long-range scooter designed for experienced riders who won’t settle for anything but the absolute best specs.

Acceleration, Speed, and Uphill terrain

Dualtron Storm’s dual motors give the scooter super fast acceleration as well as the ability to climb even the steepest hills. You can easily lurch up a 35% hill with negligible strain on the motor usage.

From my tests, I can confirm that the Storm comes very close to achieving its claimed maximum speed of 59 mph. A lot of it depends on the rider’s weight, weather conditions, and road surface. But that’s still a crazy amount of speed. Don’t forget your helmet!

Battery performance and Range

This long-range scooter has one of our favorite features on an electric vehicle: a removable battery. You can now double, triple, or quadruple its maximum range of 60 miles (actual range around 50 miles during my range test) by investing in extra batteries. This means you can technically ride for days by swapping out the battery for spare ones.

One thing to keep in mind though – the battery weighs 29.6 lb so it’s on the heavier side (and they aren’t exactly cheap).

Build Quality and Riding comfort

Just like every Dualtron model known for really long-lasting construction and builds, the Dualtron Storm is no exception. The frame and handles are constructed from aviation-grade aluminum, bringing a whole other dimension to high-quality components.

The deck is pretty wide at 12.3 inches. And of course, it has hydraulic brakes, an adjustable rubber suspension system – all essential features that contribute to a riding experience that’s as premium as the scooter.

Weight, Weight Limit, and Portability

As you’d expect — the Dualtron Storm weighs a massive 102 lbs making it extremely difficult to carry around. The portability takes a hit, but it makes up for it by having intuitively designed folding mechanisms. Although it’s great for bigger riders – it can hold up to 330lbs of load weight.

Tire Pneumatics

The Dualtron Storm has dual Nutt hydraulic brakes and 11” x 3.5” tubeless street tires. These tires are super grippy and great at cornering — which does justice to the kind of performance the vehicle offers. While they’re not as low-maintenance as solid tires, we’re glad Dualtron chose highly pneumatic tubeless tires like these, since it brings plenty of shock absorption.

This is one of the best long-range electric scooters thanks to the battery, exceptional build and design, and high-quality performance.


  • Robust build quality
  • High-quality materials
  • Maximum range of 60 miles
  • Incredibly fast electric scooter with a max speed of 59 mph
  • Strong uphill capability


  • No water-resistance rating
  • The throttle can be tougher to use
  • No headlight
  • Too heavy to carry

Suitable for

Apart from offering 60 miles in range, the Dualtron Storm is a super well-rounded scooter, and ticks every checkbox. It’s the perfect electric scooter to give you everything you could ask for — and last a decade while doing so.
However, it’s not the best scooter if you only need an inner-city commuting solution, or are a beginner rider.

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4. Kaabo Wolf Mantis Pro – Most Portable Electric Scooter

Top speed: 28 mph
Weight: 62 lbs
Wheel size: 10 inches
Motor: 800W (1300W Peak) brushless motor
Range: 45 miles
Weight Support: 265 lbs

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Right off the bat, it’s evident from the first ride that the Kaabo team at Minimotors did not cut any corners while designing the Mantis Pro. It’s called the Mantis for a reason — it’s remarkably small and compact for its power capabilities.

Range Performance

It has a maximum range of 45 miles on a full battery making it a perfect long-range electric scooter for beginners and experienced riders. Our Scootermap tests revealed that the Mantis Pro is capable of around 32-35 miles when you ride at a constant 25mph — which is not as drastic a dip in mileage as other scooters did in a range test.

Weight and Portability

It’s built with forged aviation-grade aluminum alloy and carbon frame with a single stem design that contributes to the high portability. This electric scooter weighs only 65lbs — by contrast, most other dual motor scooters are above 100lbs.

Ride Comfort, Motor Power, Waterproofing

The Kaabo Mantis Pro scooter’s deck is spacious and coated with an anti-slip rubber cover so that your feet stay firmly planted. I tested it in the rain and the rubber cover doesn’t get affected when wet. The Mantis Pro has a dual-motor system with an 800W (1300W Peak) brushless motor and highly competent spring suspension systems that help make sure you experience a powerful and smooth ride.

It also has a water resistance rating of IPX5, but it’s a good idea to wipe your scooter down after it comes in contact with water. As usual, be careful about riding in the rain.

The Mantis Pro has all the features you’d want: cruise control, different ride modes, and an easy-to-use cockpit. It has two ride modes: Turbo mode and Eco mode. Use Eco riding when you want to conserve your battery charge and Turbo riding when you need that extra speed.

Off-road terrain performance

The Mantis Pro can handle light off-roading, which is pretty decent for a scooter that’s mostly built for commuting. Our tests revealed decent grip and stability when riding on grass or bits of gnarly pavement, but it’s not going to be capable of gravel or rocky terrain riding.

Speed and Rider Weight

It also offers a maximum speed of 40mph. In my ride testing, I could comfortably reach 36-37mph with swift acceleration.

It can also hold a maximum of 265lbs of rider weight, which means it’s probably best suited for average-sized adults. Weighing above 250lbs means you won’t get the best performance, and it might be a better idea to check out an e-scooter like the Emove Cruiser.


  • Multiple speed modes
  • 40mph max speed
  • Best portable scooter
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Intuitive and ergonomic design
  • Best off-road electric scooter
  • 10″x2.5″ air tires Pneumatic tires for top-class suspension
  • Dual swing arm suspension for steady and effortless riding
  • Compact and easily portable, with an excellent folding mechanism


  • No water resistance rating
  • Long 13-17 hour full charging time, but fast charger option available

Suitable for

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is the best portable long range e scooter. Its range and speed are just right if you need a scooter for quick rides inside your city and need to carry it around. It’s perfect for students and workers who want a reliable and sturdy scooter — but not the best choice for heavier adults.

Check the best price here.

5. INOKIM Ox – Best electric scooter for daily commutes

Top speed: 28 mph
Weight: 61 lbs
Wheel size: 10 inches
Motor: 800W (1300W Peak)
Range: 30 miles
Weight Support: 265 lbs

Image source

When it comes to the best high-quality long-range e-scooter in the mid-budget category: you might as well be describing the Inokim Ox. Advertised as their sports model, it’s not as affordable as their budget model ‘Inokim Light 2’ and delivers way better ride quality and performance.

Range, Motor Power, Speed

The efficient 60V 13Ah Lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 30 miles in range when riding at 20mph. The silent 800W (1300W Peak) brushless electric motors in the rear wheel allow the OX to reach a top speed of 28 mph. There are currently two variants available: OX Eco and OX Super. OX Eco has a 48 V, 13 Ah, 624 watt-hour battery, and the OX Super has a 57.6 V, 21 Ah, 1210 watt-hour battery. If you want the maximum range possible — the OX Super is definitely the one to go for.

Design and Rider Adjustability

What I like about the Inokim is that there’s attention to detail, and it’s evident in its design and function. Inokim’s innovative single swing arm design not only adds to its looks but also helps in the OX’s maintenance.

Taller riders will appreciate that the deck height is adjustable, this is a rare feature to get.
Thanks to the adjustable suspension, the scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride. And, with its powerful motors and strong build, the OX has a weight limit of 265 lbs. The OX e-scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires, and the front and rear are equipped with shock-absorbing arms, you can brave all kinds of road conditions making this a really great electric scooter.


The folding mechanism does its job well, but could be better. The stem can be folded, the handlebars cannot. I had some trouble fitting it into my car trunk, but it’s not exactly a dealbreaker.


  • Powerful motor capacity
  • Excellent construction and design
  • Impressive braking
  • Highly efficient battery capacity 60V 13Ah Li batteries
  • Charges in 6 hours
  • Good at handling most road surfaces and inclines
  • Robust 800W motor
  • Bright headlamp and front and rear LED lights


  • Acceleration slow to other electric scooters in the same class
  • Weight limit of 265 lbs
  • Handlebars cannot be folded
  • Can be heavy to carry for some

Suitable for

The Inokim Ox is the right one for you if all you need is something stable that will get you from point A to point B. If you want something thrilling or exciting then you’d be better off looking at the EMOVE Cruiser.
The Ox is perfect for someone who wants a hassle-free but top-quality electric scooter for everyday use with enough range for the impromptu long-distance journeys.

Check it out here.

6. Turboant X7 Pro – Cheapest electric scooter

Top speed: 20 mph
Weight: 33 lb
Wheel size: 10 Inches
Motor: 350 W
Range: 25 miles
Weight Support: 275 lb

Image source

The Turboant X7 pro is the cheapest scooter on our list — perfect for beginner riders or anyone on a budget.


While budget scooters rarely give you more than 10 miles range, the Turboant X7 Pro offers 30 miles plus the option to buy an extra battery pack and extend it to 60 miles. That’s a lot of range for a tiny scooter like this one.

Ride comfort

The Turboant X7 pro’s deck is 5.7 inches wide and 18 inches in length making it a little congested for your feet. It might get tough to ride for longer journeys and I got a little bit of ankle pain with my rear foot. You might want to stay away from chunkier shoes that take up too much space.

Suspension, Tires, and Ride Quality

What’s great is that the battery isn’t in the deck, making it easier to access for a quick battery replacement. The Turboant X7 Pro lacks installed suspension but sort of makes up for it with large 10-inch pneumatic tires. It’s not really considered a ‘smooth ride’, but isn’t as brain rattling as other budget scooters in this class. I’d advice staying away from uneven surfaces like cobblestone when riding on this scooter.


The X7 pro has regenerative braking systems and a receptive rear disc brake and a front electronic brake, both of which were easy to use on the handlebars. The triple braking system on this electric scooter gave me a smooth reduction in speed before stopping. Overall: pretty smooth braking, albeit a little slow.

Riding Modes

Like most electric scooters, the X7 pro has three ride modes that you can select from the thumb throttle, on the LED display. The Beginner mode limits your speed to 6mph. The Eco mode increases it slightly up to 12 mph, and the Sports mode lets you ride at high speeds of 20mph, perfect for daily traffic and short commutes. It also has a cruise control function. These modes help you conserve your e-scooter’s battery which results in longer, more energy-efficient rides.

Hilly Terrain Riding

Of course, the 350 W motor is not strong enough to take you up steep hills, so you might need to invest in a scooter with more torque if you live in a hilly city.

Overall: 60 miles (including a battery swap) on an electric scooter this cheap is very impressive. The question is: would you want to ride long distances for a couple of hours on a budget scooter? After about 20 minutes of riding, the smaller deck and ride vibration would likely cause a lot of fatigue. The real benefit of this scooter is not having to worry about your scooter dying on you, and not having to charge it every night.


  • 30 miles range can be double with an extra battery
  • 1o inch Pneumatic tires
  • Maximum speed of 20mph
  • Triple braking design
  • Affordable long-distance electric scooter
  • Removable battery design
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Electric kick scooter


  • Not strong enough for incline riding
  • Speed slows down with heavier weights

Suitable for

The Turboant X7 Pro offers high value for your money and delivers an unmatched range for the price point. It works best for relatively lighter riders. If you live in an area with steep hills like San Francisco then this is not for you.

Even though it offers great range, it’s best for riders with shorter commutes who want the convenience of charging their scooter less frequently. The overall ride quality might be a hinderance to actually riding on the Turboant X7 Pro for hours.

Get the best price here.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best long-range electric scooter for you

Everyone has different needs for a long-range electric scooter. The one with the right specs will make a huge difference when you most need your scooter to take you the distance.

Most riders have different budget constraints. However, you should ultimately decide based on what your commuting needs are.

All the e-scooters on this list were tested with some important specifications in mind:


This is the most important factor when choosing a long-range electric scooter for everyday commuting and longer trips. Your range also depends on the battery life of the scooter, so make sure you invest in a scooter that performs well in both categories.

I recommend the Nami Burn-E 2 Max for ultra-high range (90 miles) and performance. A close second would be the EMOVE Cruiser (62 miles).


The weight is also important because you should ideally be able to fold it down and carry it whenever you need to. The portability factor heavily depends on the weight of the scooter which in turn depends on the kind of materials used to construct the e-scooter — as well as the weight of its other parts like its Lithium-ion battery and wheels.

The median weight of a scooter should be around 30-80 lbs which can be carried by most riders.


Most commuters still prefer other personal mobility vehicles over electric scooters because of the speed. Going at 20mph and 50mph are entirely different experiences. The ride quality varies due to the torque and acceleration as well. Fast electric scooters are best if you don’t often commute in a city where traffic is unbearable or unpredictable. Understanding what your daily route is will help you determine what speed your scooter must have.

Charge Time

When it comes to electric scooters, you should remember that the longer the range, the lesser times you have to charge it. With the scooters on this list, you can make do with charging them once a day or even lesser.


Bigger tires are always better. They should be able to handle most road surfaces and conditions. The most common categories of wheel sizes are:

  • 13+ inches
  • 11-12 inches
  • 9-10 inches
  • 7-8 inches

FAQs about the Best long range scooters

What are the advantages of long-range electric scooters?

Electric scooters with long-range are super useful when you need to go farther than usual or you want to take trips around your region. They are also handy if you don’t want to charge your scooter very often or feel like stopping at charging points outside.

What’s the best way to use electric scooters with a removable battery?

If you’re buying an electric scooter like the Turboant X7 Pro or the Dualtron Storm which have removable batteries, I recommend investing a little more and getting a second battery that can double your range. It’s important that you store the battery in a cool and dry space — usually a backpack suffices, but make sure it’s a waterproof one for rainy rides.

Are these products legal?

Electric scooters are mostly legal in the USA, though we would recommend checking out the local rules on the max speed allowed. Local jurisdictions vary in speed limits as well as riding terrain laws. For example: Kansas doesn’t allow electric vehicles on the highway, while other states mandate riders stick to bike lanes or the sidewalk.

Which is the best electric scooter for NYC?

In a city with a neutral road incline like New York City, I would recommend the INOKIM Ox. It’s relatively light and convenient to use with a good speed range for traffic, and perfect for city commutes. The acceleration and braking is built for riding in traffic.

What is the best foldable electric scooter?

The best foldable electric scooter is the Kaabo Mantis Pro. It weighs only 65lbs and has intuitively designed folding mechanisms. It can hold loads up to 265 lbs, and delivers impressive power and torque for a scooter of its size.

Final Words

You’ll find the best electric scooter range capabilities on the e scooters in this list — but choosing them ultimately depends on your personal riding style and requirements.

The biggest question is whether you want the long range for charging less frequently, or for doing long road trips. In the case of the former, a cheaper commuter scooter would be perfect. But if you’re planning long trips on your electric scooter, make sure you pay attention to the ride quality and experience as well as the range.

If you want the longest-range electric scooter, check out our top pick, the Nami Burn-E 2 Max.

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