Best Electric Scooters for riding in the rain | Top 5 Best Waterproof electric scooters

Just like checking if someone’s phone is in their pocket before you push them into a swimming pool, it’s important to find out if you own a waterproof electric scooter or not.

My four-year-old nephew knows you can’t get electronics wet or they “die in the water” — so wanting to know if an electric motorized scooter can handle a bit of rain is a pretty legitimate concern.

Most electric scooter manufacturers list the scooter’s dirt and water resistance ratings. These are called IP Code ratings or Ingress Protection ratings.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s really no such thing as waterproof electric scooters as long as e-scooters are made with lithium-ion electric batteries and other electrical components.
A more accurate term is ‘water-resistant electric scooters’, and some scooter models perform significantly better on this front, depending on their insulation.

Some of the best electric scooters for the rain in the market are built robust for varying weather conditions with protective features like fender protection, rubber-sealed grip tape, battery covers, and air-filled tires.

If you’re in a hurry, our top pick goes to the Emove Cruiser.

1. EMOVE Cruiser – Our Top Pick

Top speed: 33 mph

Weight: 52 lbs

Wheel size: 10 inches

Motor: 1000W

Range: 62 miles

Weight Support: 352 lbs

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the most intuitively designed electric scooters in the mid-range budget category, and comes pretty close to being considered a waterproof electric scooter. The Emove Cruiser is pretty powerful commuting scooter, and a popular choice for heavy riders (more on that later).

What’s the waterproofing situation on the Emove Cruiser?

With a water resistance rating of IPX6, the Cruiser can resist high-pressure high-volume sprays of water. While it cannot be submerged in water, this IP rating means it can definitely be ridden through heavy rain.

The 10-inch pneumatic air-filled tires have the standard fender protection above its rear and front wheel and rear motor, preventing excessive splashes. For more protection, the front cables are covered in a nylon sheath.

The Cruiser also sports 10inch pneumatic tires with a great grippy wet-tread pattern, with minimal scope for skidding or slipping on wet roads.

That’s why it’s clearly perfect for riding in rainy cities — and at the top of our ‘best waterproof electric scooters’ list!

A daily commuting beast — Speed AND Range

Made for the daily commuter, this e-scooter looks bigger than most commuting scooters, and has a super robust build and a 1000-watt brushless DC electric motor.

According to us, three main components make a great commuting scooter — speed, acceleration, and braking performance. The Emove Cruiser has a max speed of 33mph, which it can reach in under 20 seconds, and a tested braking distance of under 10 feet. That means this big guy can handle the constant starting and stopping that happens when you ride in city traffic.

It also has a maximum range of 62 miles — which is way more than most daily commutes demand. Depending on your riding style and battery usage, you can probably get away with charging the scooter once in two weeks: or even getting longer trips done on the weekends.

Wet Braking

Great braking performance thanks to the hydraulic brakes come together with the wet tread pattern on the tires to deliver firm and non-slipping wet braking.

Maximum load capacity

The Emove Cruiser is possibly best-known for being a top choice for heavy adults. With a load capacity of 352lbs, the scooter can accommodate most above-average size and weight adults, and is still decently portable. It weighs 52 lbs, making it one of the lightest scooters in its class.

We usually see load capacities above 300lbs only on heavy duty scooters that weigh around 100lbs themselves. Check out our best electric scooters for heavy adults to see for yourself.

A mid-range Budget Scooter

The EMOVE Cruiser price point is super reasonable, considering there’s really no competitor in the market for the kind of features it provides (waterproofing, high load capacity, and great speed+range specs). As an electric scooter above $1000, it’s not exactly a budget scooter, but still a fraction of premium high-end scooters in the market.

Deck traction

Since the Emove is created to be compatible for heavier riders — it has one of the widest decks I’ve ever seen. Probably because bigger and taller adults tend to have bigger feet: and it’s extra comfortable for anyone planning to embark on a long electric scooter journey. The deck also has great wet traction, with a rubber grip tape that ensures you stay glued to the deck with no slippery business.


The EMOVE Cruiser is the only scooter in it’s price category to have ultra-bright night-riding turn signals. A bright headlamp and lights are extra important for riding through foggy/cloudy/rainy conditions to improve visibility for your safety and everyone else on the road.


  • Easily portable, weighing only 52lbs
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Handlebar height can be adjusted
  • Five vibrant color options
  • Impressive hydraulic disc brakes
  • Light-weight
  • Easily portable
  • Smooth suspension


  • Long charging time of 9-12 hours
  • Hand grips are slightly loose

Suitable for

The EMOVE Cruiser e-scooter is the best mid-range electric scooter. It doesn’t cut corners in any department despite its price range and you don’t have to compromise on any of its features.
If you’re looking for a reliable scooter for everyday use, or you’re a college student or work in the delivery business this is the right one for you. The Cruiser’s IPX6 water resistance rating along with its super long range and high-quality build make this not only the best waterproof scooter, but also the best mid-range electric scooter, period.

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2. Kaabo Wolf King GT – Best Premium electric scooter

Top speed: 62 mph

Weight: 120 lbs

Wheel size: 11 inches

Motor: 2000W (x2)

Range: 90 miles

Weight Support: 330 lbs

You’ve probably heard of KAABO if you’re into electric scooters. Along with Dualtron, Apollo and NAMI, KAABO is one of the top 5 electric scooter brands in the world.

And while KAABO has a long list of extremely high-performing scooter models: the KAABO Wolf King GT is where wet-riding truly shines.

Electric motorized power output, Rider Weight

Built for high-quality, heavy-duty use, the Wolf King GT is definitely a premium electric scooter. There are two dual electric motors of 2000watt each that deliver a continuous motor power of 4000 watts, with an even higher max output. That’s a LOT of motor power, and explains why this massive beast is capable of handling riders up to 330lbs — and isn’t shy of steep hill climbing.

Speed and Range

With a max speed of 62mph, you’ll feel like a wolf alright. And when you stop at a red light, you’ll make the other electric scooters on the road look like chihuahuas. 62mph is insanely fast for someone standing upright, and almost impossible to achieve on inner city roads. It goes without saying, but you should absolutely be wearing enough safety gear when you’re trying to touch these speeds on a highway.

The NAMI Burn E 2 Max was the official longest-range scooter on our list, but the KAABO Wolf King GT is also a 90-miler. In fact, it has slightly better speed-to-range ratio (meaning it can achieve more range comparably when riding at speeds above the minimum).


No slippery surfaces or wet weather conditions will reduce your ride quality on the Wolf King GT.
With its water-resistance rating of IPX5, The Wolf King GT held up great while riding in the rain (even through deep puddles).
Even though the IPX5 rating means the vehicle can sustain low-pressure water jet-spray — the entire scooter is protected with no vulnerable exposed parts for potential water damage. It’s important to remember that the rating isn’t everything — and this had some of the best real-life riding in the rain experience. Water doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ to the exterior at all, making you feel dryer than you are.
The deck traction is great, as expected, with deep natural rubber ribbing that prevents your feet from slipping.

The one feature that the Kaabo team has not upgraded is fender protection. You might have to extend your fenders to avoid water splashes. This was a bit of a disappointment, since we see great fender protection on budget models.

Battery Performance

The Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter has a dynamic 72V 28Ah LG battery with a dual electric motor system, an improvement from the previous Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 model. It took me about 7 hours to charge the e-scooter completely which is less than average considering its large size and motor power.


Look, we knew it was coming. Most heavy duty scooters are in the 100-pounder category, and this is no exception with a total weight of 115lbs.
Its massive handlebars don’t fold and the scooter only gets longer when you fold the stem down. It’s almost impossible to carry and you can forget about fitting it in your car trunk or any small space.


  • High-quality electric scooter
  • Dual hydraulic brakes
  • IP rating of IPX5
  • A maximum speed of 62 miles
  • Dual 2000W motors
  • Super bright front headlights and turn signals
  • LED deck lights
  • Ergonomic thumb throttle
  • Hydraulic Shocks & Rear Dual Springs
  • Short charging time of 5 hours


  • Extremely heavy
  • Bulky to carry
  • Worst portability

Suitable for:

The Kaabo Wolf King GT is the best waterproof electric scooter for rough use.
It scores high on the IP ratings and is a waterproof scooter that can face most weather conditions. If you’re looking for a fast and powerful electric scooter for riding in the rain and want most of its separate parts to have high water resistance, then this is for you.

Check out the best price for the Kaabo Wolf King GT here.

3. GoTrax G4 – Best budget water-resistant electric scooter

Top speed: 20 mph

Weight: 37 lbs

Wheel size: 10 inches

Motor: 350 W

Range: 25 miles

Weight Support: 220 lbs

Often considered a better alternative to the Xiaomi m365, the GoTrax G4 is a favorite among beginner riders. It’s literally built with the daily commuter-college kid in mind.
So when we were testing for waterproof electric scooters, I was apprehensive if water protection can be expected at this price — but I was pleasantly surprised.

Speed, Range, Weight

Like all great budget electric scooters, the GoTrax G4 has the standard features you would expect and need. It has a maximum speed of 20mph which is plenty for rides around the city. It’s also the lightest and most agile scooter on this list – weighing only 37lbs with a load capacity of 220lbs.
Along with its offered 25 miles of maximum range, this is perfect for beginner riders who have short distance commuting needs.

Water Resistance and Portability

I love portable electric scooters, it’s one of the first things I prioritize. Especially when you’re riding in the rain, it is necessary to know you can fold up the scooter easily and carry it wherever you need to take shelter or store it in a car trunk. The GoTrax G4 has a water resistance rating of IP54 making it one of the best waterproof electric scooters for electric resistance and conductance in the budget class. This means it can handle splashes and jets of water, as well as a high degree of dust protection. However, it cannot be submerged in water or withstand very high pressure jets.

What does this mean?
It means you can ride it in light rain, but cannot hose it down when it’s looking muddy. We also recommend limiting wet riding to about half an hour. Luckily — the max mileage on the scooter prevents you from riding much more than that.

Suspension and Ride Quality

The G4 lacks the typical suspension system but it makes up for it with its stout, 10-inch pneumatic tires. It was able to absorb shocks easily and continue offering a balanced ride without much disruption. This e-scooter has a single 350W rear motor which is more than enough power for an average rider at low speeds and short distances.

Hill Climbing

Nope, the GoTrax G4 can’t really go up steep hills. Gentle slopes are fine, but if you live in a hilly city, you’ll need a more heavy duty scooter.


  • Sleek and clean look with matte-black body
  • Short charging time of 4-5 hours
  • Smooth cruise control
  • Strong stem, handlebar, and deck
  • A high IP rating of IP54
  • Best battery capacity in this price range


  • No dual braking system
  • Dim headlight
  • Awkward thumb throttle start

Suitable for

The GoTrax G4 will be the right fit for you if you’re a beginner rider on a budget looking for a waterproof electric scooter. Bonus points go to the vehicle for being low maintenance and easy to ride.

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4. Apollo Phantom V2 – Most features on a water resistant electric scooter

Top speed: 38 mph

Weight: 77 lbs

Wheel size: 10 inches

Motor: 1200W (x2)

Range: 40 miles

Weight Support: 300 lbs

While most electric scooters upgrade their newer models with better build quality or motor system or battery capacity, the Apollo Phantom V2 is one step ahead of the rest. The base model was great to begin with: but Apollo added features and then some, giving us a whole new beast.

The Phantom has such beautiful build quality and outstanding ergonomics that I’m not sure what to compare it to. It’s a favorite here at Scootermap, and is the scooter equivalent of the 4.0 GPA quarterback philanthropist in high school you wish you were.

Water protection AND Debris Protection

It has an IP rating of IP54. It is not entirely a waterproof scooter, but it comes pretty close. The ‘5’ in the rating indicated protection against solids, meaning the scooter won’t let dust and splashes of mud get in it’s insides.
When compared with the first Phantom, this water-resistant e-scooter has better brake pads, and better fender protection to prevent moisture, water splashes and dirt or debris. You can definitely brave most wet weather conditions with this e-scooter.

Great pneumatics on the tires, with some of the best wet traction I’ve seen. We test-rode the Phantom V2 on wet roads and it actually feels even grippier than the dry traction.

Ride Quality, Speed and Range

I don’t think I’ve ever tested an electric scooter with such wide handlebars. It efficiently increases your balance and stabilizes the whole scooter on rough and bumpy terrain.
The max speed you can achieve is 38mph, making it an over-achiever commuter electric scooter. Bonus feature: it has cruise control.

It’s not exactly a long-range scooter at 40 miles, but the V2 Apollo Phantom’s maximum range contributes towards making it an all-rounder scooter.

Ride Quality and Suspension

The Phantom is innovative because of its not dual, not triple, but quadruple spring suspension. This electric scooter only weighs 77lbs (which is light considering it’s packing a dual 1200W motor system) and has a max load capacity of 300lbs. Having two springs in the front and two at the rear really makes a difference when you’re soaring through the streets.

All the extra features

I absolutely love the cockpit design — great responsive thumb throttle, two charging ports, adjustable performance settings and riding modes from the display. It also has super bright lights everywhere; deck lights, 1000 lumen headlamp and bright turn signals. Bright lights contribute towards greater stability when you’re riding in the rain.

Portability and Folding Mechanism

I wouldn’t say this is the most portable e-scooter to ride in the rain, because the folding mechanism is not super intuitive or smooth. The stem does not fold completely to the deck at a 180° angle. However, it’s certified carry-in-one-hand, which is more than what you can say about other high-performing scooters in the market.


  • Intuitive and uniquely designed electric scooter
  • Best overall functional and ergonomic build
  • Extremely customizable with 20 adjustable settings on the display
  • Quadruple spring suspension
  • The choice between hydraulic brakes or disc brakes
  • Top-notch lighting system
  • 1000 lumen headlight and rear turn signals with on-screen indicators
  • One of the best waterproof electric scooters with an IP rating of IP54
  • Strong kickstand


  • No front turn signals

Suitable for

The Apollo Phantom V2 can hold its own while riding in the rain and is one of the best waterproof electric scooters. If you’re looking for a new electric scooter that is not only smart, stylish, and speedy but also sturdy enough to take you through the city and other rougher terrains, you’d like this.

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5. NAMI Burn-E 2 Max – IP55 – Best Dust Resistant

Top speed: 60 mph

Weight: 103 lbs

Wheel size: 11 inches

Motor: 1500W (x2)

Range: 90 miles

Weight Support: 330 lbs

The Nami Burn-E 2 Max is probably the only scooter that comes the closest to being a waterproof electric scooter, and yes, we did save the best for last. Called the Ferrari of the electric scooter world, the NAMI Burn E 2 Max delivers performance best described as exotic, since it breaks records and feels unlike most premium scooters.


NAMI definitely didn’t neglect waterproofing when they worked on on breaking speed and range records.
It has a IP55 rating – which means that it provides dirt and moisture ingress protection and protects the frame against low-pressure water jets. This is probably as high as IP ratings can get for an electric scooter, since IP65 and above allow submersion in water. According to us, that’s a bit unnecessary (it’s an electric scooter, not a submarine?)

Dust protection plays a role too — it prevents mud splashes or floating dust particles getting in the vehicle. This is also great for off-roading (which the NAMI is great at) on sandy or dusty terrain.

There’s also excellent fender protection — something not all waterproof electric scooters seem to have. The wide deck has grip tape all over it that prevents slippage or water logging. The 11-inch pneumatic tires that offer sturdy wet traction, not just wet roads, but also wet slush and mud.

Build Construction, Motor Power, Speed and Range

This e-scooter is constructed with an aluminum frame, polished stainless steel parts, and a carbon-fiber stem.

The Nami Burn E 2 Max is also the best electric scooter for its many other features. It offers ultra-high quality performance thanks to two incredible 1500W motors that deliver 60mph max speed. This beast has a smart battery management system and a 72V 28Ah battery with strong battery life. With just one charge, it provides a maximum range of up to 90 miles, just like the KAABO Wolf King GT.

Braking and Suspension

When I was riding at max speed, it was reassuring to know that the Burn E 2 Max electric scooter has a dual braking system and a fully hydraulic suspension system. Its braking performance is just what’d you expect for a top-of-the-class e-scooter like this one.

The NAMI Burn E 2 Max has a unique ride experience, it’s smooth and sturdy but not in the way most premium scooters are. It has a distinct glide to it, and the 2 Max definitely built on the sine wave controllers of the first scooter, so you get even more stability when riding at higher speeds.

Weight and Weight Limit

It can accommodate heavier riders up to 330lbs, which is great. It comes at a cost — 103lbs total scooter weight, not so great.
However, it’s still more portable than other heavy-duty scooters of its class. It folds down pretty compact, so even if you don’t have the muscles to carry it around, it’ll fit in your car trunk.


  • An incredibly high IP rating of IP55
  • Extreme long range of 90 miles
  • 4-piston LOGAN full hydraulic disc brakes
  • Max speed of 60 mph
  • Full charge in 8 hours
  • Powerful and sturdy build
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Best waterproof scooter for wet weather
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use
  • Customizable riding modes
  • Cruise control option


  • Not easily portable
  • Heavy at 103lbs

Suitable for:

The Nami Burn E-2 is the closest it comes to a waterproof electric scooter with dust resistance. If you’re looking for a scooter to ride in extreme weather conditions and something that will keep you and the scooter safe while offering performance and a ride quality like none other, this is the one for you.

However, exhilerating high speeds can quickly become terrifying when a beginner tries riding this scooter. It’s definitely made for the power hungry experienced electric scooter rider, and we recommend starting out with a beginner scooter if you can.

Check it out here.

Buying Guide

Why choose a water-resistant electric scooter?

When you buy an e-scooter, you do so intending to ride it at all times regardless of the weather condition. So it’s always best to buy one that has a good IP rating along with the ride quality and other features you’re looking for. It’s a good metric to know so you can gauge what kind of terrains, temperatures, and weather you ride in. You can prevent unnecessary damage and inconvenience simply by making sure that your electric scooter can handle it wherever you are going. Note that most traditional kick scooters in the United States are obviously water resistant since they don’t have electrical components.

The best waterproof electric scooter is the Nami Burn-E 2 Max which has a water resistance rating of IP55.


The most important thing to note before you invest in your dream scooter is that most retailers do not cover any water-related damage no matter what the IP rating is. You might want to check again before you make the purchase. So if you can avoid riding in the rain, avoid it. And when not in use, store your scooter in a dry and clean area.


One of the most important features of all electric scooters, regardless of their IP rating, is their battery. The battery life and capacity will drastically decrease or increase depending on your usage, just like your phone. So keep an eye out for e-scooters that have a well-known battery brand as well as a smart battery management system.

The IP rating is also indicative of how well the battery is protected from water damage.

Build quality

In the electric scooter world, it seems like all the effort goes into the build quality of electric scooters. And with good reason. If you’re looking for a waterproof electric scooter, then it’s reassuring to know that your scooter is constructed with the highest quality materials. I’d suggest looking for electric scooters manufactured using aluminum and carbon fiber, these are some of the most resistant materials. Just like other metals and steels, all the scooters made for riding in the rain have corrosion-resistant build materials.

The best waterproof scooter needs to have adequate fender protection and you should be able to get a good grip on the deck and handlebars. You can always use grip tape for extra grip. The height of the stem and width of the handlebars also need to be right for your body size to get a smooth ride.

Despite being the best electric scooter for you, it’s also important that the scooter has some industry standard specs for a safe and comfortable ride. Make sure you are well below the weight capacity of your scooter. If you want to know more, check out our comprehensive guide for electric scooter weight limits.

Why a waterproof electric scooter may not be for you

If you live in a city where you get light-moderate occasional rain, you’re probably wondering if getting a waterproof electric scooter is really worth it. Here’s what you should consider

  • Ambiguous warranty: waterproof electric scooters tend to have limited warranties that vary for each of the components and parts. This can be tough to deal with, and you might actually get more warranty on a regular scooter.
  • Less portable: Waterproofing weighs a lot. The reinforcements all around the scooter to prevent water from getting in increase the overall item weight. Tires built for wet traction tend to be heavier too.
  • Longer charging: A bigger battery means it needs more power and longer hours to be fully charged.

What to do after a wet ride?

As soon as you’re back home safe from riding in the rain, attend to your scooter before you can kick your muddy shoes off. Get a dry rag and wipe the scooter down from visible droplets, regardless of the IP rating. Make sure you don’t fold the scooter or charge it when it’s wet.

We’re hoping your garage is nice and dry. But if the only place you can keep your scooter is in the rain, make sure you have a heavy duty rain cover you can throw over it. If you’re riding in a lot of rain, consider applying a coating of dielectric grease on the wheel bearings.

Things to remember when riding in the rain

  • Visibility: A rainy day is not as clear as a sunny one. Make sure your electric scooter has bright lights (particularly the headlamp), so that you can see where you’re going.
  • Don’t get wet: While a car needs windshields, you’re exposed to the elements. Invest in sunglasses/goggles that don’t fog up and stay clear. You’ll also need a waterproof jacket that has reflective lining so you’re visible to others on the road.

FAQ Section

What are IP ratings?

IP ratings are short for “ingress protection”. They are two-digit codes that categorize scooters based on their durability. The first digit shows how your electric scooter is protected in the rain. The second digit represents how water-resistant it is. Both digits are important. Eg: IP54. An ‘X’ in either position means that no data has been collected. Eg: IPX4.

The Ingress Protection rating is mainly determined based on the materials manufacturers use and how it performs during testing.

I would recommend prioritizing the second digit more when you’re looking for the best waterproof electric scooter.

What is the highest water-resistant rating on electric scooters?

The highest and best possible IP rating that a scooter can have is IP67.

Are all electric scooters waterproof?

No. In fact, no electric scooter is waterproof.

Most electric scooters usually have a water resistance rating which only makes them resistant to moisture and wet conditions. But they will most definitely stop working if completely submerged underwater no matter what the IP rating is. In the e-scooter world, when they say ‘waterproof electric scooters’ it just means water-resistant.

Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

Provided that your electric scooter has an overall and thorough IP rating, you can ride it in the rain. But I don’t recommend taking your e-scooters out in heavy rains regularly, it could potentially damage the electrical components over time, if not immediately.

Make sure your electric scooters have a good IP rating that can withstand high-pressure water jets and debris. And even if it does, it’s always a good idea to wipe down your scooter often and take care to keep the battery and motor clean and dry.

Can you ride an electric scooter in the winter?

Most durable water-resistant scooters are built to be ridden all year round. Whether a particular scooter model can withstand the cold will depend on its water resistance rating as well as its running battery and motor temperature.

Can you wash an electric scooter?

If by washing you mean dousing your scooter in water, then no. But you can most definitely clean your electric scooter with water. You can wipe them down and even rinse certain parts, like the handlebars. Try to keep the scooter elevated. Make sure to cover the scooter’s battery and other electrical components before you begin to avoid getting soap or water in them. And don’t forget to unplug your scooter from the charging port before you begin, we’d like to avoid getting any electric shocks.

What are the rainiest cities in the United States?

Mobile in Alabama is considered the rainiest city in United States, with Pensacola, FL, and New Orleans, LA close behind. If you live in these cities or other rainy ones — make sure you’re investing in a highly water-resistant electric scooter.

Which scooter is good for New York rains?

The Emove Cruiser is a great choice for New York’s rainy season. Apart from being water-resistant, this bigger-than-your-usual-commuter scooter can handle heavier adults. It can also go long ranges — with great traffic performance.

Is Xiaomi m365 good for riding in the rain?

While Xiaomi m365 might be one of the best selling budget electric scooters, it’s not recommended for riding in the rain. Even though it has an IP54 rating, riders have often reported poor performance on the Xiaomi m365 after water exposure, including battery failure.
Instead, consider the Emove Cruiser or the Apollo Phantom if you’re looking for almost waterproof electric scooters.

Can I hose my electric scooter while cleaning it?

If your electric scooter has an IP rating of IPX5 or IP55 and above: you can use a light hose to get the mud off the wheels and deck. Try to avoid the battery and display near the throttle.
If it doesn’t have a rating, you’re better off using a wet cloth to wipe off any water or dirt.

What is the average cost of a waterproof electric scooter?

Most waterproof electric scooters are priced above $1500 and are considered mid-range to premium because of the many protective features they have.

What do I do when my scooter doesn’t have an IP Rating?

If your scooter does not have an IP rating, it’s probably not water-resistant at all. Avoid getting it wet in the rain, you don’t want serious damage or unpredictable outcomes.


If you live in a particularly wet weather area, a water-resistant electric scooter with a high IP rating is a must for riding in the rain.
Check out our top pick for the best waterproof electric scooter the Nami Burn-E 2 Max.

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