The 6 Best Electric Scooters for kids in 2023

Electric scooters started out as the humble kick scooter that was primarily made for kids.

The surge of rental e-scooters and powerful electric scooters all take inspiration from what started out as a children’s vehicle. Now, electric scooters have made their way back into the kids market, for a more fun, powerful and safe option. Most kids prefer an electric scooter to a bicycle — you just can’t beat the appeal!

There’s lots to take into consideration when searching for the best electric scooters for kids, and it goes beyond top speed and maximum range. You want your child to be safe on an electric scooter that’s easy to ride, with tires that are best suited for grass, dirt, and gravel (as opposed to the asphalt-suited commuting scooters we adults use!).

This scooter guide was tested out by real children (with parental supervision!), and I took their experience into consideration as well as real-time e-scooter performance specifications. Then, I cross-checked our findings to reviews across platforms, only to find that the best-performing electric scooters were indeed the most popular and loved amongst parents and kids over the world.

Here are the top 6 electric scooters for kids of 2022. You’ll find the right electric scooter according to your child’s age in every category.

If you’re short on time (which parent isn’t?) the GoTrax GKS Electric Scooter is the best for 7-12 year olds, and Segway Ninebot E8 is perfect for 8-12 year olds. Teens and pre-teens will love the GoTrax Vibe.

Top 6 Electric Scooters for Kids in 2022

1. Segway Ninebot E8

Our Top Pick

Segway Ninebot E8

Top speed: 8.6 mph

Motor: 130W

Weight: 17.6 pounds

Range: 6.8 miles

Wheel Size: 7 x 6 Inches

Weight Support: 110 lbs


Recommended Age: 8-12 years

Segway is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to electric scooters. You might recognize this brand from their famous self-balancing hoverboard of the same name. Segway merged with Ninebot a few years ago and now they produce some of the best electric scooters for kids in the mid-range price category.

There are plenty of electric scooters for kids in the market that provide similar specifications but the Ninebot E8 differentiates itself through quality. You don’t want your child riding a scooter manufactured by a dubious foreign company and this electric scooter has a strong sturdy build that doesn’t look or feel plastic-y.

This scooter model has a top speed of 8.6 miles per hour, and is perfect for kids above 8 years old. This is more than enough speed for kids riding around neighborhoods (you can also choose the Ninebot E10 if you want a higher top speed of 10mph). The electric motor has 130watts of power which is not exactly high torque. It’s enough for a fun ride on even roads, but this might be less power if you live in an area with a lot of hills.

This scooter has a maximum weight limit of 110lb, making it perfect for younger children.

It’s rare for a kids electric scooter to have cruise control, and this one does! That means that you child doesn’t have to keep pressing on the thumb-based throttle, and it locks into one speed, but is still stopped quickly with the hand brake. The aerospace-grade aluminum body comes in a few different color options too.

Lastly: this scooter actually has suspension! The front shock absorption makes for a smooth ride as well as a fun one. And with a maximum ride time of 6.8 miles, your kid gets around 40 minutes of fun riding before the battery life runs out.


  • Smooth ride thanks to front shock absorption
  • Kick scooter design
  • Great for young kids
  • A maximum speed of 8.6 miles per hour
  • Thumb-operated throttle
  • Scooter’s battery is decent
  • Airless tires
  • Safety mode to reduce top speed for younger kids


  • Handlebar height isn’t adjustable
  • Need to purchase lights separately

Suitable for

This is one of the best electric scooters for kids between 8-12 years. It’s not as affordable as some of the other scooters in the market, and that’s because this is a higher quality option without a doubt. If you’re looking for a more durable option, the Segway Ninebot E8 would do really well. However, at 8.6mph, it might be too slow for older kids.

2. Razor Pocket Mod

Best Seated Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod

Top speed: 15-17 mph

Motor: 350W

Weight: 50.5 pounds

Range: 10 miles

Wheel Size: 12 inches

Weight Support: 170 lbs


Recommended Age: 10-13 years

A seated electric scooter is a whole different kind of fun. For one, these scooters tend to be more powerful since its safer to go faster when sitting down, and kids love having their very own ‘motorcycle’. The Razor Pocket Mod is a retro-inspired scooter and is a big hit with the kids because of how it looks.

The Razor Pocket Mod has a higher weight limit of 170lbs, meaning that smaller/lighter parents can ride it as well. This is a super comfortable ride, with a cushioned seat and spacious design. With a 250watts single motor, this scooter is actually as powerful as the average rental e-scooter (such as Bird and Lime) and can go a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. That’s definitely on the higher end of speed as far as electric scooters for kids go!

But that’s also why it’s recommended that older kids ride this scooter since it can be too much for a younger child to handle. With a twist throttle, hand brake, and really fast acceleration: you’d be surprised at the ride quality on this two-wheeler.

The seat also doubles as a storage compartment, definitely handy for storing small items such as a backpack or a bottle of water. The air-filled tires do a decent job of cushioning the ride, so even riding on pavement doesn’t feel head-rattling. The higher max rider weight definitely comes in handy as your child grows up, so you don’t have to keep replacing scooters!

My favorite feature of this seated electric scooter is the kickstand — a great safety feature that keeps your scooter stationary by lifting off the rear wheel when you’re storing it. Even when the throttle is twisted or the scooter is switched on, the kickstand prevents the scooter from moving.

If there was one thing I’d want to improve on this scooter, its a longer battery life. Since it’s capable of a faster max speed and can carry adults too, it would’ve been nice to be able to ride it for longer than 40 minutes. However, all features considered, it’s still an incredible buy.


  • Can reach speeds 15mph-17mph
  • High torque hub motor
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Chain driven motor
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Safer than standing e scooters for kids
  • Relatively maintenance-free
  • Bright wheel lights
  • High weight capacity
  • Hand-operated front brake


  • Lower battery life
  • Not for younger kids
  • Size isn’t adjustable in any way

Suitable for

As far as kids scooters go — the Razor Pocket Mod is as good as it gets. This is a high-quality build, can support lighter adults, and feels like an actual vehicle vs. a toy. It would be perfect for older children and tweens, and will definitely last more than a few years.

3. GoTrax GKS Electric Scooter

Best Electric scooters for kids on a budget

GoTrax GKS Electric Scooter

Top speed: 7 mph

Motor: 150W

Weight: 17.8 pounds

Range: 4 miles

Wheel Size: 6 Inches

Weight Support: 220 lbs


Recommended age: Below 7 years

This affordable scooter is perfect for little kids. With a lower top speed of only 7mph, this is a scooter that’s high on safety and low on price. GoTrax makes great electric scooters for adults, and their model range for young riders definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The GoTrax GKS electric scooter has a unique riding system. Kids have to get it started just like a traditional kick scooter, with one foot on the ground, and the other on the front deck button. This is a foot throttle that is much easier for younger kids to get the hang of. To accelerate, kids use their other foot on the back deck button to go up to the max speed of 7 miles per hour.

It’s also easier when kids want to stop the scooter. The rear fender brake system is automatically engaged once they lift their foot off the back deck. Our young testers confirmed this system was easier to ride since they didn’t have to worry about a thumb throttle or hand brakes.

Another great feature of this GoTrax electric scooter is that it slows the ride downhill. This goes a long way in keeping children safer since a regular scooter picks up momentum (usually faster than the top speed) when going downhill. This mechanism is like a damper on the brakes for a safer and more steady ride-on scooter experience.

However, the tires do leave a little to be desired. These rubber tires don’t do the best job of absorbing the bumps on uneven terrain. However, it’s not likely your child will complain! With a maximum ride time of 4 miles, there isn’t enough time to get uncomfortable. And while kids get only about half an hour of riding time — this might be a blessing in disguise for parents since its tougher to get younger kids to call it a day.


  • Easy to ride mechanism
  • No thumb throttle
  • Rear fender brake system (Foot brakes)
  • Safety equipment features
  • Slows down the downhill ride
  • Solid steel frame in different color options
  • Safe top speed for smaller children


  • Assembly takes some time
  • Handlebars aren’t adjustable
  • Can be a bumpy ride

Suitable for

This is a good electric scooter for a child under 7. It’s much easier to ride and is designed with safety at its forefront. It’s also the best budget scooter on our list, and a smart choice since little kids are likely to grow out of this small e scooter soon!

4. Razor E300S

Best Electric Scooter for Teens (And Light Adults!)

Razor E300S

Top speed: 15 mph

Motor: 250W

Weight: 42 pounds

Range: 10 miles

Wheel Size: 10 x 3 Inches

Weight Support: 220 lbs


Recommended Age: 13+

The high torque 250w motor is easily one of the most powerful scooters on our list. In fact, the Razor E300S is often used as a budget scooter for adults and is best suited for kids above 13.

It’s rare to find a chain drive motor, and this old-school electric scooter definitely looks the part with chunky grippy tires and a stripped-back design. And while adults can feasibly ride this scooter thanks to the high maximum weight of 220lbs, it wouldn’t be the best option as a commuter scooter.

It has a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, which is definitely on the higher side for a teen scooter. However, there’s no way to adjust speeds on this push-button throttle, it immediately accelerates to the top speed as you ride. This can be a drawback if you’re trying to ride this in neighborhoods or blocks where faster speeds aren’t recommended.

On a single charge, this electric scooter goes for about 10 miles, which is around 40 minutes of riding. This electric scooter also doesn’t have a folding mechanism, making it difficult to transport around.

For the maximum speed and battery life, this electric scooter definitely scores high on fun points. The tires are capable of gentle off-roading and can hold a pretty decent grip in dirt or gravel trails, making it a great option for teenagers who go on mini adventures with their friends. In fact, the pneumatic tires are probably the best feature, following the max speed and the comfortable wide deck. The rear foot brake is a great touch too.

As an electric scooter for kids, the Razor E300 is definitely impressive. Of course, it’s going to fall short if you start comparing it to an adult scooter since it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, a display, or any other handy commuting scooter features. But when this scooter is used as intended, it delivers an easy, no-fuss, fun-filled ride.


  • Affordable price point
  • Wide and spacious deck
  • 9-inch pneumatic tires capable of light off-roading
  • Low maintenance
  • Rear brake operated
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Chain driven motor
  • All-steel frame


  • The throttle doesn’t have speed settings
  • No display
  • Not very portable, no folding mechanism
  • 12 hour charging time can be too long.
  • No water resistance

Suitable for

This is the best electric scooter for teens who want a fun and safe ride. With just enough power and juice to get around, but not so much to be taken as a serious commuting vehicle, the Razor E300s is a smart and affordable option for parents.
It’s also useful to have an electric scooter around the house that can handle an adult’s weight in case of emergencies or once-in-a-while rides.

With no IP rating or water resistance, I would strongly urge you not to buy this kids’ electric scooter if you live in a rainy city. A better bet would be the GoTrax Vibe, the best electric scooter for water resistance.

5. GoTrax Vibe

Best Compact Electric Scooter for Kids

GoTrax Vibe

Top speed: 12 mph

Motor: 200W

Weight: 20.9 pounds

Range: 7 miles

Wheel Size: 6.5 Inches

Weight Support: 220 lbs


Recommended Age: 12+

Here’s another electric scooter designed for older kids. As a more powerful version of the Gotrax GKS electric scooter, the GoTrax Vibe is one of the best-looking scooters on the list that comes in four different colors.

The GoTrax Vibe can accomplish around 12 miles per hour, which is higher than most electric scooters for kids. The 200watt motor kicks into motion pretty quickly, with fast acceleration that makes the maximum speed feel more than it really is. However, the GoTrax Vibe has a slightly lower maximum range than you’d expect — capable of around 7 miles on a full battery charge. That means this scooter won’t go more than 30 minutes without dying out, but this could be extended with lighter riders. The maximum weight limit on the GoTrax Vibe is 220lbs, meaning it could support a lighter adult for short rides as well, in case mom or dad want to give it a go! (Good luck convincing your teen to share)

The 6 inch solid tires are incredibly low maintenance, and it’s great that there’s no chance of getting a flat. However, they’re not the best at shock absorption, and young riders are in for a bumpy ride if they ride on anything but smooth asphalt. Riding this electric scooter on pavements, gravel or cobblestone can be downright brain-rattling. But with a maximum range of only 7 miles, it’s not likely your rider will get a chance to get sick of it.

The GoTrax Vibe does a great job of going on gentle slopes uphill and dampening the speed while going down. It may give up when taking a 220lbs adult up a steep hill, but for teenagers, it’s often not a problem. The hand-operated brake also adds to the ease of riding.

The best feature about this scooter is how compact it is. This electric scooter has a great intuitive folding mechanism and gets really compact: which is super portable and convenient to carry in a car trunk. It’s also really lightweight at 20.9 lbs, and can easily be carried by teens.


  • Decent max speed of 12 mph
  • Best scooter for teens
  • Higher weight limit of 220lbs
  • Can go up gentle slopes and hills
  • Solid tires
  • Hand-operated front brake
  • Scooter’s motor is 200watts
  • Front-wheel riding
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • An intuitive folding mechanism, very compact
  • Cruise control
  • Quick charging time of 5 hours
  • Water resistance


  • Lower mileage

Suitable for

While this may not be the best electric scooters for kids, it sure is the perfect option for pre-teens and teens who need a little extra power. With a higher maximum speed than many electric scooters in the market, the GoTrax Vibe is a super fun option that’s not heavy on the pocket.

6. Razor Power Core E90

Best Electric Scooter for Kids with the Best Battery Life

Razor Power Core E90

Top speed: 10 mph

Motor: 80W

Weight: 21.75 pounds

Range: 10 miles

Wheel Size: 1 mm

Weight Support: 120 lbs


Recommended Age: 6-10 years

The Razor Power Core E90 is made with a unique power core technology that allows it to reach speeds higher than the average electric scooter for kids below 10 years. This electric scooter powered with a hub motor can go up to 10 miles per hour, but parents can reduce this to a lower number for safety reasons. Since this electric scooter is also more powerful than others in its category, it’s extra important to ensure that your child has all the safety gear and safety equipment they need.

This electric scooter has a really wide deck, which makes for extra stability while your child is riding. With an 80watts electric motor and a max weight limit of 120lbs, this electric scooter has enough capability to take kids up gentle slopes and hills. However, it does pick up speed really fast while going downhill, so make sure the kids are riding in a safe area. This is also a great alternative to the Glion Dolly electric scooter, as well as a safer option.

Here’s where the Razor Power Core E90 really shines: it has the longest range of all the kids’ electric scooters on our list. Most electric scooters for kids can go around 40 minutes which is standard for a normal kick scooter, but this model can go double the time at 80 minutes. So if you want to give your child a ride where they can go slightly longer distances or have more playtime in the outdoors: this is a great option. And hey, the more time they spend out on the electric scooter, the less time spent on those video games, right?

When it comes to quality of ride: the Razor Power Core E90 has a reasonably smooth ride. The front wheel is made out of urethane while the rear wheel is rubber-coated airless. With a push-button throttle, the Razor Power Core E90 is easy to operate for kids and has a rear brake that grinds the scooter to a halt immediately.


  • One of the best electric scooters for mileage
  • 80 minutes of ride time
  • Hand brake
  • Kickstand for safe storage
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Decent max rider weight for age group
  • One of the best kids electric scooters for battery time
  • Wide deck


  • Bumpier ride than other scooters in the kids’ category
  • The handlebar cannot be adjusted for taller kids
  • The motor can be a little noisy
  • Speed is affected with heavier kids

Suitable for

This is one of the best electric scooters for kids below 12 years of age. It’s a great idea for kids who want electric scooters that can go on for longer and won’t die out in under an hour. It’s rare to find an electric scooter at this price point that can offer longer mileage, as well as safety features for kids.

Buying Guide: What to Consider While Buying an Electric Scooter for Kids

Child’s age

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial to pay attention to the recommended age level when shopping for your young rider. Electric scooters for kids are made with their weight, height, and riding skill in mind. Scooters for younger children are intentionally made easier to ride, with lower floor clearance as well as slower speeds to minimize any accidents or safety hazards.

Older kids can handle a more complicated throttle, cruise control, and higher speed. Even if your child is taller or heavier than their average age range, don’t buy them a scooter meant for an older child! There are plenty of scooters with flexible weight limits out there, so choose accordingly.

Top Speed and Range

Almost all electric scooters for children cap at around 10mph, while older children above 12 years old often have electric scooters that can go up to 12 or 15mph. For perspective, the average rental e scooter for adults (such as Bird or Lime) can go about 15mph, which is plenty of speed to get around while standing.

7mph is enough for kids below 8 years. If you’re concerned about your child being able to handle a scooter at top speed, choose an electric scooter for kids with an adjustable maximum speed. This way, you can cap the speed according to what you’re comfortable with your child riding at.

Range refers to the mileage on an electric scooter. Most kids’ electric scooters go about 40 minutes on a full battery charge, but you can also find electric scooters than can handle 80 minutes, such as the Razor Power Core E90. If your child wants an electric scooter to ride to school every day, make sure it has enough juice to take them on a round trip.

Safety Features

Kids are accident-prone by default: and it becomes especially important that they remain safe when they’re riding an electric-powered vehicle. Make sure they’re using a helmet, sticking to bike lanes when applicable, and wearing elbow and knee padding.

When looking at electric scooters, look for one that slows down speeds while going downhill. If you live in a hilly area, you should know that electric scooters pick up momentum and can go really fast downhill (possibly faster than the motor’s maximum speed if the hill is big enough). This can make riding dangerous for younger children.

Other safety features include quick braking and bright lights for riding during evenings.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Electric scooters for Kids

Can kids ride electric scooters on the pavement?

Kids have to stick to the road, bike lanes, or the pavement depending on local laws. Some jurisdictions prefer that kids’ electric scooters stick to the sidewalk for better road safety. It’s a good idea to check the laws in your area before you buy your child an electric scooter.

How fast do kids’ e-scooters go?

Most e-scooters for kids go a maximum of 10mph. E scooters designed for children 12 years and up can sometimes go up to 15mph as well. However, e scooters designed for young children can even have a cap of 7mph, which is ideal for safety reasons.

Should I get my kid an e-scooter?

There’s no such thing as accident-proof and an e-scooter can definitely be dangerous at times. However, it’s not much more dangerous than a bicycle or rollerblades. At the end of the day, a kids e scooter is so that they have fun in the outdoors and create childhood memories with their friends.

Final Words

Kick scooters have gotten an electric upgrade, and there’s no reason why children can’t get on the fun in a safe and protected way. Whether it’s for an occasional joy-ride, daily commute to school, or a birthday present, there are plenty of scooters out there that your child will love.

If you’re short on time (which parent isn’t?) the GoTrax GKS Electric Scooter is the best for 7-12-year-olds, and Segway Ninebot E8 is perfect for 8-12-year-olds. Teens and pre-teens will love the GoTrax Vibe.

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