Best Electric Scooters for Commuting to Work and School

Looking for a fast, cost-effective way to get around? Then consider an electric scooter. Electric scooters are being rebranded as E-Scooters and have been hailed for their affordability and practicality – not to mention they’re super fun to ride! In this article I’ll be going through some of the top E-Scooters on the market as well as discussing what you should look out for when buying one yourself.

I’ll be assessing each model based on factors such as battery life, maximum range, speed, efficiency and design. Battery is very important if you want a long running time per charge – especially if you intend to use it for commuting purposes. Maximum range is also important because no one wants to run out of power halfway through their journey. If you want to put those long-haul journeys behind you then a model with a top speed above 20mph is what I’d recommend – after all, you’ll be flying along at a great pace!

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – the design of the E-Scooter itself should be taken into account. You want something that’s going to last, so it has to have strong construction as well as being safe and reliable. In other words it must feel durable so you can rely on it for your daily commute.

What do consider before buying an electric scooter for commuting?

What do I need to consider before buying an electric scooter for commuting? Well like with anything, you’ll want to think about what you actually need and how it will suit you. You may just want a quick way of getting around that is affordable and practical – but then again, maybe your commute requires something more than that.   

How far I’m a commuting with my e-scooter? Do I require a large battery capacity?

If you’re commuting a long distance then it’s likely that you’ll require more power. Cheaper electric scooters tend to have batteries with less capacity so if this is your main requirement for buying an E-Scooter then it might be worth checking out other options or paying more for one that suits your needs better.

What about the maximum speed of my e-scooter for traveling?

How big do I need my e-scooter’s dimensions to be?   Sometimes size does matter! If you’re limited with space, the size of your scooter will matter. Therefore it’s important you find one that can fit in the smallest places like on an elevator or in your apartment/flat/dorm room. You don’t want to be lugging around a huge e-scooter when all you need is something for commuting purposes!

Lightweight and portable (the lightest E-Scooters weigh as little as 24 pounds!)

You might not want an incredibly heavy E-Scooter if you’re commuting long distances. So it’s important to take this into account when comparing the weights of each model.

Safety Features

It’s important that your electrical scooter has lights so that you are clearly visible when you commute at dusk and in the dark. Some scooters also come with a self-balancing option which is great for beginners or if you’re unsure how much power to apply when riding!


What you want to spend on your e-scooter is obviously going to matter; If money is tight, then trying finding one that suits your needs but isn’t too expensive. It’s always better to buy something you can afford even if it’s not perfect than not buying anything at all and feeling like you’ve missed out!