The 5 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2023

Have you ever tried cycling uphill with a bicycle?

It might be the easiest way to get sore leg muscles and a deeper appreciation for professional cyclists. But there’s another two-wheeler that requires much less effort — you’ve only got to stand and hold on tight on an e-scooter.

The average rental e-scooter usually shuts down the moment you go up a hill — leaving you to drag it up yourself.

The good news is that I’ve put together a list of five electric scooters that are way more powerful than rentals, and can even tackle a 40° hill (that’s even more than the famous Lombard Street).

With an emphasis on torque, horsepower, buttery-smooth rides, and real-world mileage, these are the best electric scooters for climbing hills. You’ll find both chart-topping electric scooter beasts and more budget-friendly options for daily commute.

If you’re short on time, our top pick is the KAABO Mantis Pro — a great option for just about anyone facing off against an incline.

Here are the Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills (Tried and Tested)

1. KAABO Mantis Pro

Our Top Pick

KAABO Mantis Pro

Top speed: 40mph

Motor: 600W

Weight: 65 pounds

Range: 45 miles

Wheel Size: 10″ x 3″

Weight Support: 265 lbs


The KAABO Mantis Pro is almost famous for its powerful motor. In fact, it’s tough to find a scooter with such a careful balance between power and portability as this one, and that’s precisely why it earned ‘Our Top Pick’.

With two powerful brushless 600watt motors, the KAABO Mantis Pro can handle 30° hill climbing with ease and is next to no compromise on speed or battery power. It can also do a 40° uphill ride but tends to slow down. I noticed it performs its real-time best on steep hills if you weigh below 240lbs, even though the weight capacity is 265 lbs.

Apart from climbing hills, the KAABO Mantis Pro is also a super-fast electric scooter. This is a scooter that can go up to 40mph and delivers a maximum range of 45 miles. As a mid-range scooter, the ride quality you get is definitely impressive. Swingarm dual suspension and pneumatic tires come together for a cushioned and light ride, and you’ll stay blissfully unaware of bumps in the road. The Mantis Pro actually has enough rear suspension to handle off-roading, as long as you switch out the tires.

Most electric scooters with this much power weigh above 100lbs — and at 65lbs, the Mantis Pro is definitely small and strong. While you can’t really carry 65lbs around without breaking a sweat, this hill-climbing lightweight scooter can be folded down quite compact: fitting in any car trunk.

The maximum speed and range really do it for me: you can virtually charge this scooter once a week if you have a daily commute below 10 miles. However, this is a scooter that will take 13-17 hours to charge with the standard charger. If you need faster charging, you can buy a fast charger and cut down charging time by 50-70%.


  • Powerful scooter for climbing hills
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Super smooth ride
  • A climbing angle of 40°
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • One of the best foldable electric scooters
  • Pneumatic tires
  • High max speed of 40 mph
  • Long-range of 45 miles
  • High weight capacity


  • Longer standard charging time of 13-17 hours (but you can buy the fast charger)

Suitable for

This is a perfect e scooter for climbing hills and has more than enough power to handle inner-city hills. It’s also great if you’d like to go off-roading once in a while since this scooter can handle both (if you swap the tires for off-roading ones). As a mid-range scooter, this delivers better specs than other scooters in its league and is an investment for at least a few years.

2. Dualtron Thunder

Best High-End Scooter for climbing hills

Dualtron Thunder

Top speed: 50 mph

Motor: 5400W

Weight: 95 pounds

Range: 50 miles

Wheel Size: 11 Inches

Weight Support: 330 lbs


Full disclosure: this isn’t the first time the Dualtron Thunder has won the ‘Best High-End Scooter’ award on Scootermap: and climbing steep hills is just one of the incredible things it can do. This is a premium scooter that’s definitely in the electric scooter hall of fame — even though Dualtron has released more Thunder iterations, this classic model remains to be high-performing and a popular choice.

The Dualtron Thunder has incredible torque: dual motors delivering 2700 watts each, and a total output of 5400watts. Yep, that’s a lot of power (the average rental scooter motor is 350watts), and it can devour a 40° steep hill without any power strain. It’s also brain-numbingly fast at 50mph maximum speed, and definitely calls for a lot of safety gear if you plan to use it as a high-speed scooter.

And since this is a high-end electric scooter, you can sure expect the smoothest of smooth rides. This scooter uses motorcycle-grade suspension, for a ride that’s often described as ‘buttery smooth’. Riders have actually undertaken road trips on this scooter since it has a mileage of 50 miles on a single charge. Bonus points: the real-time mileage is pretty close when ridden at a high speed, you’ll still get about 50 miles if you ride at speeds faster than 30mph.

And for a scooter this powerful — it sure looks the part. The wide deck, sleek frame, and bright LED lights are pretty cool. The only caveat is the portability. You’re going to have to compromise here, since it’s tough to carry this 100lbs scooter, even when folded.


  • Very powerful scooter – 5400 watts
  • High on hill-climbing ability: Climbing angle of 40°
  • Electronic ABS hydraulic disc brakes
  • Can handle 330lbs bodyweight capacity
  • Fast acceleration
  • Motorcycle grade front and rear suspension
  • Bright LED lights


  • This sturdy scooter is not very portable

Suitable for

If you’re looking for a premium, powerful scooter, it doesn’t get much better than the Dualtron Thunder. This classic electric scooter is popular in the scooter world for good reason, lasts forever, and delivers some of the highest specs in the market. It’s definitely not for a beginner rider, and it takes some skill to use a scooter that’s this powerful.
The Dualtron Thunder is a heavy-duty electric scooter. If you’re looking for a portable option, you’d be better off with the KAABO Mantis Pro.

Want to use the Dualtron Thunder for long rides? Get the seat attachment here.

3. Hiboy S2 Pro

Most Affordable Scooter for climbing hills

Hiboy S2 Pro

Top speed: 19 mph

Motor: 350W

Weight: 30 pounds

Range: 25 miles

Wheel Size: 10 Inches

Weight Support: 220 lbs


After looking at the best high-end scooter for climbing hills, let’s look at the most affordable one. The Hiboy S2 Pro is almost unbelievably affordable for a scooter with a hill-climbing ability. Most electric scooters for climbing hills are priced mid-range to premium, making the Hiboy S2 Pro a rare find.

With a 500watt motor, the Hiboy S2 Pro can miraculously go up a 30° slope, but it comes with a few clauses. The maximum speed falls from 19mph to around 10mph, and it can only carry a rider below 170lbs up a 30° slope. I tested out a 20° slope with a 210lbs rider, and it handled this lesser steep hill much better, but at around 10mph as well.

The bottom line is that this electric scooter is possibly the only one in its power league with a hill-climbing ability, but you simply can’t compare it to top-of-the-line electric scooters. Even though the speed slows down, and it can’t handle heavy riders — it’s still impressive for the price point. This would be a great choice for a student or young adult who has a bit of slope in their daily commute: but nothing too steep.

When it comes to maximum speed, you can expect around 19mph and a maximum range of 25 miles. This is pretty standard for its motor power and makes it one of the best electric scooters in the budget category for short distances.

The Hiboy S2 Pro is also only about 30lbs, and has a great folding mechanism, making this a brilliant portable option for public transport.

If you’re wondering about ride quality… don’t expect a buttery smooth ride. The solid tires are great for low-maintenance but do nothing to shelter you from bumps and cracks in the road. The lack of suspension and shock absorbers don’t help either. If you’re willing to compromise on comfort for the price point, it could work for you — especially if you’re traveling very short distances.


  • Decent hill-climbing ability, albeit slow
  • Can 20° climb hills with a rider below 220lbs
  • Affordable price point
  • Great for inner-city commutes
  • Charges quickly
  • 10 inch solid tires for low maintenance


  • Lower electric power
  • Hill climbing slows down
  • Can’t do hill climbing with heavier riders
  • Lights could be brighter for night riding

Suitable for

As a budget electric scooter that can pull off hill-climbing, the Hiboy S2 Pro is a clear winner. Sure, it’s slow when going over hills and can’t take more than 200lbs, but that’s still much more than most scooters in its category. This is a great option if you need to take your scooter uphill once in a while on your short daily commute.

4. Mercane Wide Wheel Pro

Best Hill Climbing Scooter for Stability

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro

Top speed: 26 mph

Motor: 1600W

Weight: 54 pounds

Range: 22 miles

Wheel Size: 8″ x 100mm

Weight Support: 246 lbs


The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro has such wide wheels that it’s often called the ‘batscooter’ (since it looks like the electric scooter version of the batmobile. With a high-performing 1600w dual motor, the Wide Wheel Pro is one of the most powerful scooters in the mid-range category.

It’s no secret that powerful scooters can be tough to ride. While anyone can pick up a rental scooter at 19mph, it takes a certain skill to handle an e-scooter beast with three times the power. The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is an exception: it’s actually much easier to ride because of its wide wheels that provide plenty of stability. It takes maneuvering, accelerating, and climbing hills to the next level with wheels that grip the road and easily cushion irregularities.

When it comes to the hill climb torque, the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is pretty unmatched. It lurches on 30° steep slopes, and can even do a bit more with a lighter rider. The maximum weight capacity on this scooter is 264 lbs and there’s no dip in speed when going on inclines.

However, it seems the Wide Wheel Pro gives most of its power to inclines and stability, and isn’t the fastest scooter out there. With a maximum speed of 26mph, you’re not winning any races, but the quality of ride you get is worth it.

You know this electric scooter is a high-quality build when you see the display. It’s new and improved, allows for intuitive gear selection and cruise control. Front and rear springs work with the wheels for a cushioned ride.

You could also swap the tires out for off-roading ones if you’d like since the motor can definitely handle it — but you might prefer an electric scooter with better mileage for off-roading or look at our list of off-road e-scooters. At a maximum range of 22 miles on a single charge, the battery power definitely takes a hit from all the hill-climbing power.


  • 4 inch wide wheels for stability
  • Can go 30° up a hill with no dip in speed
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Great wheel traction
  • Improved thumb throttle
  • Great for older adults
  • Removable seat
  • Rear disc brake system
  • Super comfortable ride


  • Lower battery capacity, the mileage could have been better

Suitable for

The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is the perfect mid-range scooter if you live in a hilly city. With a short learning curve, it’s greater for older adults and could be a more versatile alternative to mobility scooters.

5. Inokim Quick 4

Best Electric Scooter for Inner City Commutes with Slopes

Inokim Quick 4

Top speed: 25 mph

Motor: 600W

Weight: 47.4 pounds

Range: 34 miles

Wheel Size: 10 Inches

Weight Support: 220 lbs


Most of the powerful e scooters on our list can double as off-roading scooters, but sometimes you don’t want all that power. If you need a scooter for your daily commute but happen to live in a city with plenty of slopes (San Francisco or otherwise),

The Inokim Quick 4 can handle 25° slopes, but not always at its top speed of 25mph since it only sports a 600watt electric scooter. That’s not as powerful as some of the heavy-duty scooters on this list: but the Inokim Quick 4 is in a different league altogether. It’s built as a high-performing commuter scooter that’s easy for beginner riders to ride, with plenty of safety features as well.

The Inokim Quick 4 is high on portability: it weighs only 47lbs and can easily be folded down compact as you travel in public transport. While the electric motor is lower than most mid-range scooters, you get rapid acceleration and real-time top speed riding on flatter surfaces. When I tested out the Inokim Quick 4, I saw that the scooter crawls down to around 15-18mph when going over slopes, but this isn’t a dealbreaker.

With a weight capacity of 220lbs, the Inokim Quick 4 is best for younger or lighter adults.

It takes around 8-10 hours of charging time, but a full battery life gives you about 34 miles in the maximum range. This number will go down if you’re riding on predominantly slopes, but it shouldn’t be too affected by intermittent flat and inclined terrain.


  • A double hydraulic braking system
  • Pneumatic tires
  • One of the best hill climbing scooters for inner cities
  • Bodyweight does not have a big impact on speed
  • Easy folding down compact
  • Three-speed settings
  • Good mileage of 34 miles
  • Wide deck
  • Smart battery management system
  • Can attach a seat (purchased separately)


  • Top speed could have been higher (only 25mph)
  • Lower floor clearance

Suitable for

The Inokim Quick 4 doesn’t have chart-topping specs, but it has just enough power to propel your scooter forward on city slopes. It would be ideal for lighter adults and would work well as a daily commute scooter for students and working professionals who encounter a few slopes on their path.

If you’d like to sit down on the Inokim Quick 4, get the seat attachment here.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

It’s a simple concept — power and hill-climbing are directly proportional. The more motor power your electric scooter has, the better ability it has to take your body weight up an incline. But how much power? And how much of an incline? How does speed factor into this?

That’s why I’ve written a buying guide — so you have all the facts you need to buy the best electric scooter for climbing hills according to your personal requirements.

Electric Motor Power Vs. Inclines and Rider Weight

The torque is the motor’s power ability to take the scooter and you up a hill. An electric motor with 5400 watts will have more torque than a 1000 watts motor. While choosing the electric scooter with the highest output is a good idea — it’s also important to consider how much power you really need.

Electric scooters with higher torque are definitely more expensive, and you’ll usually find these beasts in the premium high-end category. Choosing a premium electric scooter has plenty of benefits: durability, high-quality build, and a luxurious riding experience.

But if you’re a beginner or just anyone looking for a sweet deal, consider buying an electric scooter with enough power for your requirements. For example, if you only plan to ride in a city with gentle slopes, and have no plans of off-roading, an electric scooter with about 600watts might suffice.

Slopes higher than 30° will require a motor with a lot of power, but many lightweight scooters can manage a 20° incline. Another factor to consider is your body weight. Your body weight puts a lot of strain on the motor and battery life: so you’ll need a more powerful electric scooter if you are a bigger and heavier adult.

The bottom line: ask yourself two questions. How steep are my slopes, and how much do I weigh? These two numbers will help you find the perfect electric scooter for you.

FAQs: Most Commonly Asked Questions about Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills

Are electric scooters safe?

Electric scooters are arguably one of the safest vehicles out there, with lower speeds and lesser motor power than engine power automobiles. However, even a walking pedestrian can be at risk of an accident on the road, and proximity to other vehicles tends to be the biggest safety threat.

More powerful electric scooters that go at speeds higher than 20mph exponentially increase the impact risk. Always wear a e-scooter helmet when riding an electric scooter, and follow your local e scooter laws. This can be either riding on bike lanes or on sidewalks, depending on your jurisdiction.

How do you ride uphill on an electric scooter?

Riding uphill on an electric scooter is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind to minimize risks.

Try to gain momentum before you attempt a hill, but don’t floor the throttle to the top speed either, since this gives you less response time. It’s a good rule to glance at your display to make sure you have enough battery power since inclines suck more battery than flat surfaces. Make sure that you aren’t packing too much weight, especially not more than the maximum weight capacity. This includes your body weight as well as any baggage you’re carrying.

How to ride downhill on an electric scooter?

Electric scooters pick up momentum very fast. You will most likely be able to go on a downhill slope without pressing the throttle at all, and the momentum should carry you. If you were riding at a higher speed prior to the slope, hold your brakes minimally to steady your ride and speed. You don’t want to be tearing down the slope at top speed since this can be dangerous to handle.

Every electric scooter will vary with different hill climbing abilities, acceleration, and brake time. Take some time to get accustomed to your scooter before you attempt going uphill or downhill.

Final Words

Cities with steeper slopes and hills generally don’t have rental e scooter stations — but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride your powerful e scooter up those streets! The best scooter features depend on your requirements, and we hope you’ve found a scooter where you can ‘stand up’ to the task.

If choosing an electric scooter is proving to be a tough decision (they all seem so good), our quick recommendation is the KAABO Mantis Pro.

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