About us

Behind every detailed review and comprehensive guide you find on this website is the dedicated Scootermap team, committed to creating trustworthy content for the electric scooter community.

We began riding electric scooters over a decade ago (yes, before it was cool!) and we’ve seen our fair share of electric two-wheelers come and go. Over the course of creating electric scooter guides, our team has reviewed over 100 scooters, and not all of them make the cut.

Our aim is to educate and simplify electric vehicles. We believe electric scooters are the future, and our generation needs all the help they can get to switch to green transportation.

What do we do?

Choosing an electric scooter is probably tougher than any other vehicle out there. When you consider how little the average person knows about electric vehicles, the lack of clear road laws, or DMV electric scooter riding license, it’s no wonder that electric scooters feel like unfamiliar and uncharted territory.
What’s more – most electric scooter manufacturers advertise their vehicles aggressively, and buyers often find themselves wondering, “What’s the catch?”. 

This is where Scootermap comes in. We marry extensive experience with due diligence in research to give you accurate and unbiased product reviews, according to your specific needs. 

Instead of writing a review on every single electric scooter we come across, we put together a detailed review guide with the top scooters in the market according to your needs. Here’s what we focus on: 

Your size and age
Size matters for electric scooters just as much as it does for clothing. Many electric scooters are made portable and lightweight for young adults below 220lbs, and we have dedicated guides with the best scooters for older and heavier adults. Electric scooters truly are for everyone. 

Your commute
We categorize electric scooters according to how they’re commuting. A rider with a 5-mile commute, and a rider planning to cross state borders need electric scooters with very different capabilities.

Your location

Where you’re riding decides what you’re riding. 

Hilly cities are wrongly considered unsuitable for electric scooters – when there are plenty of e-scooters out there created for hills and sloped terrain.
From our experience, we know that weather plays a factor too. We categorize scooters for winter and summer because no one understands Lithium-Ion batteries better than we do!


Not only is traffic annoying to be in, but it also requires a whole different electric scooter riding style! The best electric scooters for traffic have quick acceleration and braking that feels smooth, so you’re not rattling your brain. Riders who live in smaller towns away from city traffic will need a different e-scooter.

You’ll find electric scooters anywhere between $300-$3000. It takes more than just matching your budget with the price to get the best value. We take apart each electric scooter feature for you to ascertain what is absolutely necessary to pay for so that you’re not wasting money on a scooter that isn’t suited for your lifestyle. 


Most electric scooters come with lights. But did you know very few of them are specifically designed for night riding, with powerful LED lights that illuminate the road ahead? We’re willing to bet you didn’t – which is why we specifically test our electric scooters in these conditions. 


The battery is one of the key components that determine your electric scooter price. We have multiple guides on electric scooter lithium-ion batteries because every rider should understand what’s powering their vehicle. When it comes to buying an electric scooter, we make sure the battery voltage isn’t just a number, so you know what you’re paying for.

How do we review electric scooters?

We make sure to test out every electric scooter for a month ourselves: asking riders at multiple weights and heights to try it out. We try each scooter in different weather conditions (we’ll often hose down the road and scooter in water if it hasn’t been raining for testing purposes), and on different roads. After suiting up in safety gear, we also attempt mini-crash tests to see just how resilient the scooter is. 

At the end of the month, we either return the scooter back to the manufacturer or decide that it earns a spot in the Scootermap garage!
Then, we write an expert review of our personal experience and findings on the speed, brakes, and more so that our readers can make an informed decision. 

Scootermap earns from affiliate commissions – we only provide product links for the best prices for our readers, but our opinions and reviews are our own. We never hesitate to criticize an electric scooter for its shortcomings if there are any, as you’ll find in all of our reviews. Our commitment is to the reader, to give them an accurate recommendation to best suit their needs. If you come across a link on our website, please click on it as it helps us to create industry-leading guides and reviews for you!

Read more about our affiliate disclosure here.

Why Scootermap? 

Unlike other commercial review guides, Scootermap is a small group of electric-scooter enthusiasts.
We bring years of e-scooter riding experience to the table, and we’ve ridden our fair share of bad or unsafe electric scooters. We never want anyone to spend their hard-earned money on an e-scooter that under-performs or is unreliable. 

That’s why we’re so critical in our reviews, never hesitating to tell you to save your money or buy another scooter out there.
We focus on comparing electric scooters in the same category so that we’re absolutely sure we’re suggesting the best vehicles. 

In the Scootermap garage, you’ll find us constantly tinkering on our electric scooters, whether we’re swapping OEM tires for off-road ones, installing an after-market LED light modification, or testing out the best fast chargers. Anything you can think of doing to your electric scooter – we’ve done it already, and that helps us rank scooters in the market definitively.

Why we do what we do

The greatest threat humanity has ever faced is climate change. Electric transportation might just be the hero who saves the day, massively cutting down on global carbon emissions by automobiles. Electric scooters are an important component of green transportation, and they’re easily adopted by just about anyone due to their affordability.

Our mission is to spread the word on electric scooters: encourage beginners to take the plunge and try it out for themselves – by writing honest, personally-tested reviews and preparing them with the whole picture. You’ll find brutally honest reviews, personal experiences, and anecdotes from the Scootermap team, but never any sales fluff. 

We’re always happy to hear from brands and individuals who want to partner and help grow worldwide electric scooter adoption! You can get in touch with us by shooting us a mail.

Scootermap may collect a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of its links to an external website like Amazon. Please see our affiliate disclosure for further information.