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If you looking for a great electric ride, look no further. We have scanned the market for the best e-rides out there.

Electric rides

Whether you are looking for a good quality bike or a reliable scooter, if it has electricity output the chances are that the Scootermap will have you covered. Out team of scooter nerds have tested and reviewed in total over 50 electric scooters.

All about electric rides

There are enough brands to make your head spin, they come in all different shapes and sizes with different features.

And then comes the dilemma of buying ‘this’ product over ‘that’ one.

But let’s say you have a budget and know what you want already, would it be possible to get a suggestion from someone who has been using the product for a while? Of course! And this is where we come in.

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You name it, Scootermap has tried it. Oar goal is to find and test where to find the best electric scooter in the USA or any other country for that matter.

Here are some of the electric scooters we have reviewed: 

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What is important to consider when you choose an electric ride?

Electric scooters and bikes are relatively straightforward machines. Most of them have a throttle or pedal assist which makes them easy to use and maintain.

Since we’re talking about electric parts, the most important factor is battery life – you don’t want it to run out in middle of nowhere. Riding range will vary depending on terrain and the number of hills you go up and down, but even if your ride has an awesome range, remember that charging takes time! Make sure you know how long it takes for your charger to deliver the juice before buying an e-bike or a an electric scooter.

What else should I consider?

Some models come with regenerative braking (it charges as you brake) as well as some extra features like front/rear lights, alarm system etc. These are not absolute must-haves, but they can come in pretty handy if you ride at night or in low visibility areas. They save battery life too!